5 Beautiful Wedding Posters Designs You Will Love

wedding welcome poster

Weddings are one of the biggest & grand celebrations in everyone’s life. Nobody will leave any stone unturned in making their big day a remarkable & memorable one. Every couple tries to set new wedding trends by adding quirky elements to their WhatsApp wedding invitations or wedding outfits, jewellery, wedding poster designs, and wedding decor. If we talk about wedding decoration then Wedding Posters designs come at the top of the list.

Wedding Posters, Welcome Boards for Weddings, Welcome signs or Signage – you may have seen these elements in wedding decor for sure. From the vibrant & colourful welcome boards at the entrance to the cute and funky bridal entry posters. We came across some of the coolest and Hatke wedding poster designs that you can get inspired from for your wedding.

Wedding Welcome Boards

Welcome Signage / Welcome boards for wedding entrances are a must. You can get creative and playful with the wedding poster designs by adding elements matching your wedding theme. Trending bride & groom caricature or if you have pets at your home then you can get those cute fur baby portraits. Incorporated in your welcome board’s designs just like these wedding poster designs below.

Glittery Floral Wedding Poster Designs For Reception Party

If your reception party decor is going to be sparkling and floral then you must definitely go with this elegant reception party welcome board design.

Cutest Welcome Boards Designs With Pet Dogs Illustrations 

If you have pets at your home then don’t miss a chance to make them part of your wedding celebrations.

Bridal Entry Posters 

Bridal entries are the most beautiful part of the wedding as it’s one moment when every eye is on the bride walking down the aisle. So you can make your bridal entry unique & extra special by making your friends and family hold the poster before you enter. Now when it comes to UNIQUE then you go with a bridal entry poster design with your vows written on it just like this bride got her vows printed on the posters.

Wedding Contract 

The wedding contract is one of the most popular and trending wedding poster designs spotted in 2022 weddings. At ribbon-cutting ceremonies in Indian weddings, bridesmaids get the wedding contract signed by the groom before letting him enter the wedding venue. You too can add more fun by adding your Terms & Conditions for the groom in the Wedding Contract poster design. Besides the ribbon-cutting ceremony, you can also get Joota Chupai Contract also. In Indian weddings, Joota Chupai is the most fun wedding ritual performed by the bride’s family on the wedding day. In this ritual, the bride’s sisters and brothers hide the groom’s shoes and then the groom has to pay the bride’s sisters to get the shoes back. So the bride’s sister can get the Joota Chupai contract also and mention your Terms & conditions and the amount in the poster and present it to the groom before giving him the shoes back.

Wedding Posters As Props For Photoshoot

We absolutely loved this funny wedding poster design used by this couple for their photoshoot. You can get cute & funny lines printed on the posters or boards and use them as props for the wedding photoshoot.

Few more colourful & vibrant  poster designs that we loved the most

Besides welcome boards for the wedding day, you can also add more colours to your decor with Haldi posters or Mehendi posters or wedding boards for any other wedding events. You can get these poster designs customized with your caricatures or the elements that match your event theme.

Haldi & Mehendi Poster 

Haldi & Mehendi ceremonies are colourful & vibrant so why not add charm to your celebration space. With these colourful Haldi Ceremony welcome boards or Mehndi ceremony welcome boards.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Poster

Are hosting a Bachelor party or Bachelorette Party? Then don’t miss adding these classic Bachelorette party posters or Bachelor party boards to the decor. You can also get these posters designed as per the bride-to-be or groom-to-be’s personality. Because it’s their day and everything from decor to party theme everything should be according to them. So they can enjoy that moment the way they have dreamed of. So these were the best wedding poster design ideas that we have gathered for you. You can get these posters in sizes 18 x 12 inches and in the case of quality of the boards/ posters, you can go with sun boards or GSM quality for wedding posters. The posters’ price also depends on their quality & size so you can choose the poster as per your budget & requirements.

If you want a fully customized wedding poster design? You can hire a vendor that provides custom designing services. You can find these vendors on online wedding planning websites which have 1000+ wedding vendors registered on them. So you can browse them, view their work portfolio and go with the one which you find the best.