Battery Life Of Huawei Smartwatch 3 And Other Details.

Want to buy a smartwatch that gives you a greater composition and longer battery. Huawei has a collection of smartwatches that had lots of functionality and modification. a new invention is the Huawei smartwatch 3.

Huawei smartwatch 3 provides the best health features and it is known for its greater performance. This smartwatch also had a good battery life and if you want to get all the information about the huawei smartwatch 3 click on the given link and grab all the information including specifications and features.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the battery detail of the Huawei smartwatch 3 and we will also give a short introduction to other features of this cool smartwatch. Let’s get into the article.

Overview of Huawei smartwatch 3

The Huawei smartwatch is the most elegant product of Huawei. Because it conation lots of modifications and features that are loved by Huawei customers. The most significant appearance is its 1.43 inches AMOLED screen with a case and 3D rotating crown.

A very elegant color and band design that makes it extraordinary. The water-resistant features and many other health features make it extra smart. The support of OS harmony and Celia’s assistant. Overall this smartwatch is great to have.

Highlights of battery

Here are the high lights on this smartwatch battery system.
The normal consumption of the battery lasts up to 3 days with full charging.
Contain ultra-long battery life mode to have the battery life longer than 8 days on a full charge.
It also supports wireless charging.
Enabled with smartphone changing.

Specification of battery

The most significant thing about the previous smartwatches of Huawei is the longer battery lives that are extended to weeks but this smartwatch does not have much longer battery life because it just provides you with a 3-day battery life just on a single charge. although it runs in OS harmony still its battery life is not great but good.

It is seen that all the smartwatches with OS-level do not contain a longer battery life so the system must be changed. If it’s okay and move up to 3 days if you do not use the fitness features and other health features of this smartwatch.

Saver mode

To extend the battery life by more than 3 days this smartwatch provide you with an ultra power-saving mode. This ultra power-saving mode makes the battery life extended to one week or less. But the wifi and cellular network do not run this ultra power-saving mode and notifications are also limited. Overall it is good but not great.


In this article, we discuss the battery details of the Huawei smartwatch 3. In a nutshell, the battery power of this smartwatch is good but not as great as the previous smartwatches of Huawei. Although the other features like health features fitness tracker and smart modes are excellent in this smartwatch but the battery life should be observed.