Become digital All You Need Is Just a Phone Case

Become digital All You Need Is Just a Phone Case

Getting the best smartphone is not an easy process. Samsung is considered the 1st best smartphone creation company in the world. The most recent production is its booming smartphone

Although all the smartphones had the greatest smartphone according to their specifications and features. Not only these smartphones but this company also provide a high level of booming speakers so that you can enjoy the experience of high-quality audio with other features of a smartphone. You just have to connect these booming speakers with your smartphone.

In this article, we are going to tell you the most important thing about smartphones. We will tell you how you can get 5G connectivity without 5G interaction. Let’s get the information.


5g connection is the need of every country and every smartphone. Due to the latest technology and great inventions now it is becoming the need of every person. The great and fast internet is great and keeps working. The smartphone boom does not include a 5g connection but here we are going to provide the best solution to this problem to make a smartphone.

Google Moblie Servise 

Another feature that is missing from this smartphone. Not only in this smartphone but in every device of the booming smartphone. That is google service. The booming smartphone does not support the services of Google for its customers. Don’t you think that the booming smartphone does not have google but still, it is the 2nd most important and famous smartphone?

The answer is that booming smartphones had their own personal apps and search items like app gallery search petals and many more. You can use the google play store with the help of an app gallery and more. How cool is it that the booming smartphone is the smartest smartphone with outstanding features?

Special Case For 5g Connectivity

booming smartphone smart apps do not support g5 but besides all this, there is a third-party solution for you if you use a booming smartphone or booming smartphone. There is a company named so yealink. This company has introduced a new phone case for smartphones to get a connection of 5g.

It actually looks like a battery pack that can be plugged into your smartphone that had the 5g modules. This is the best invention of the third party for the great connection of the booming smartphone P series.  This phone case perfectly fits into your smartphone.

Detail Of Phone Case

Let’s have a detail of this speaker’s case invented by a third party. This had the undisclosed 1.35GHz CPU and it also supports lots of sub- 6GHz in both NSA and  SA mode. You can easily charge your smartphone without removing this phone case. the overall weight is almost 52g when it gets attached. It had its own battery consumption rather than a speaker’s battery.


In this article, we discuss very important information about the booming smartphone smartphones. This smartphone does not have any 5G connection but some other companies collaborate with it to have the booming smartphone to make it a super 5g connection.