Best Places to Stay in Colorado This Summer

Although Colorado is widely known as a ski resort, the truth is that in the summer it becomes an excellent mountainous area for different kinds of recreational activities. It literally turns into a picturesque region for enjoying your vacation and immediately captures you with its fresh air and indescribably colorful views. We gathered the most beautiful places to dwell for your convenience. 


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Located among a box canyon in Southwest Colorado, this small town is a versatile place to stay whether it’s winter or summer. But in the summer season, it transforms into a wonderful adventure for you, where you could enjoy hiking, mountain biking, sightseeing, and, of course, river rafting. It is especially known for its huge variety of hiking paths – over 25.

Telluride has a special old miner’s atmosphere, which feels like a down-home. Breathtaking views of the San Juan Mountains entering the pure blue sky are worth seeing. The best time to visit is from mid-June to August. During this period it can be a little crowded and prices are higher, but this is the major time for various local festivals. For example, Telluride Bluegrass Festival is for music lovers, seeking awe-inspiring beauty.

Located at an altitude of 2,600 meters, the resort presents an amazing mountain enclave of fantastic skiing and snowboarding opportunities, luxury hotels and condominiums, stylish boutiques and trendy clubs combined with rustic charm.
The ski slopes that run right through the town provide access to the slopes from the doors of many homes and hotels. The resort offers the best snow parks in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (rails, boxes, etc.).


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Getting to this destination may be a real adventure. Road turns and twists make it a kind of a fun and tricky ride. But since you’re there, you wouldn’t regret wasting time and energy – this area would capture you with the incredibly rugged canyons and the unrivaled beauty of the San Juan Mountains. Known well as “Switzerland of America”, it’s a perfect place for visiting natural hot springs, staring at countless waterfalls, climbing rocks, and, wow, exploring mines dug long ago.

 Primarily, the city was established exactly by miners searching for gold and silver in the mountains. If you are interested in history, you’d appreciate the opportunity to go on historic walking tours. Also, there are plenty of shops on the main street to check out. In addition, Ouray has a lot of unexplored off-highway roads. We recommend you to look at car rentals at Denver airport under 25 for the best choice of rental cars.


 Located on the San Juan Skyway, this small town is fantastically scenic! It’s famous for its water sports due to its location on the Dolores River. There you could easily go fishing, hunting, water rafting, swimming, and even exploring the ancient ruins! This was a settlement where the Ancient Pueblo People lived. Canyons of the Ancients Visitor Center & Museum would tell you more about them. 

What’s interesting, it’s one of the towns that form Mesa Verde National Park. Dolores is situated near the San Juan National Forest, – rent a car and explore that amazing woodland. Don’t forget to enjoy the local meals and beer at Dolores River Brewery. There is something for motorized epic lovers, – OHV adventure with a guide would definitely provide you with memorable impressions!


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Now, we are ready to present to you a real center of Ancient History and Culture! Why so? It has more than 2,600 retained archeological sites, 2 of which are declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are many parks and nature preserves, but the hidden gem you must visit is Durango Nature Center. It’s a family-friendly place to explore while hiking and participating in educational programs. 

Durango has natural springs and waterfalls as well. Hardrock Hundred Mile Endurance Run and Iron Horse Bicycle Classic competitions attract athletes from the whole country. Moreover, Durango is claimed to be a complete foodie’s paradise. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste its delicacies. The Taste of Durango festival is a good one for that aim!


A perfectly idyllic area, one of the few, which offers scenic gondola rides. While having a ride you’ll be delighted by the beauty of your surroundings. Throughout the summer the town has an abundance of dance and music festivals. One of the best ways to relax in Vail is surely to indulge yourself in a spa day! Head to Vail Village, which is inspired by European architecture. Lots of restaurants, art galleries, and shops are waiting! 

Visit the well-known Vail Film Festival, which is held annually in March or early April. Car rental under 25 would let you visit places nearby. Betty Ford Alpine Gardens is another area you can’t skip! It’s an alpine botanical garden, located at the foot of Vail Mountain. Many walking paths with scenic views, gorgeous flowers, water features, and a playground for kids. Mention that you could get altitude sickness because of its 7,800 ft height above sea level.

Steamboat Springs

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Fun and rich in any sort of entertainment destination. The town is a combination of historic buildings and modern resort constructions, particularly around the ski resort on the town’s eastern outskirts. This area is one of the most popular for skiing, but when the spring comes it doesn’t lose its charm. Conversely, the hills come alive, for you to experience hot springs, endless biking, and hiking trails. 

Go to the Tread of Pioneers Museum on Oak street which fully tells the history of the town and has plenty of exhibitions. There are mining, local history, agriculture, a Native American rooms. Tourists are obliged to feel the beauty of Amaze’n Steamboat Family Fun Park. This family-friendly attraction, nestled on a park-like plot of ground directly behind the Chamber Visitors Center, is home to a variety of attractions. A 17-hole miniature golf course, a huge laser tag arena, and a human maze are among them.


We hope that we managed to drum up some interest in these astonishing places! Be sure – mountains are an excellent destination no matter if it’s winter or summer season outdoor.