Choose the hairstyle that suits you best

If you have wispy baby hair as I do, you know very well that finding the best hairstyles for thin hair can be tough.

Whilst those blessed with thicker hair can pull off blunt cut bobs, Rapunzel waves and loads of layers, we finer-haired folk need to create the “illusion” of thicker hair.

Does Victoria Beckham have fine hair?

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to do that.

The right haircut, great highlighting and using the right styling products can transform thin hair into a seemingly thick, voluminous mane. Stars like Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, Dakota Johnson, Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie and others have thin hair, but they know how to rock it!

5 Cool Hairstyles for Thin Hair

1. Blunt Cut With Bangs

You might think that this hairstyle is impossible to pull off, but the truth is that wispy bangs can look like breakage and make the hair look even finer. Make a statement with your bangs and wear them thick! This adds density and body to the front. Bangs also bring attention to the best feature of every woman’s face…the eyes.

2. Slicked Back Ponytail

When your hair is slicked back, it doesn’t really matter how thick or thin it is – what’s noticed is the front of your hairline surrounding your face. Pull it up into a high ponytail for a bit of everyday elegance, but if you want a sexier look, you can always add on a clip-on ponytail like this for some extra drama!

3. Pixie Cut

The pixie haircut has been one of the most loved hairstyles for decades, and having fine or thin hair will work perfectly with this cut. It’s cute, easy to style – you can just wash it and go out without too much fuss. If you’re looking for more detailed thin hairstyle guides, you can check this website for more information.

4. Curtain Bangs + Loose Bun

Ok, so our ‘curtain’ may be less velvet and more cotton gauze, but thin haired women can still pull off curtain bangs, as victoria beckham hair illustrates beautifully, below. This is a centre parted hairstyle, and the bangs can be cut in separate to a longer blunt cut, or as part of further layers. For a casual look, show off your bangs by pulling the rest of your hair back into a lazy bun.

5. Asymmetrical Bob

The world went wild for Katie Holmes’ Elle cover, and with good reason: her layered, asymmetrical bob was simply stunning! It’s a look that many women realised they could pull off, no matter what their age or hair texture. The asymmetry of this cut means you can part it wherever it suits your face best.

If you don’t want to toss with your natural hair, you might consider a wig

Makeup artist and YouTuber James Charles is well known for his Instagram-ready makeovers combined with stunning hairdos. With the power of makeup, contact lenses,james charles with wig and digital rendering, James Charles has attracted over 25 million subscribers to his channel. At an age of 21, he has received numerous accolades for his achievements on social media, including two People’s Choice awards and one Teen Choice award.


Dying, bleaching, curling, straightening, and other hairstyling processes can be a huge pain because of how much time they take up. If you are the type who likes to switch up your hairstyle from time to time, it may be very difficult to fit your hair salon appointments into a busy schedule. Think about the extra time and effort put into brushing, combing, washing, conditioning, and other daily maintenance activities as well. These issues are practically non-existent if you choose to wear wigs. On a busy Monday morning, you can just grab your favourite wig and you are ready to go! Want to match your hairstyle with today’s outfit? Just simply pick up another wig. The mix-and-matching experience is super fun and hassle-free!


Curling and straightening equipment are rather pricey. Hair dyes and bleaching kits themselves may not be very expensive, but costs can add up very quickly. Keep in mind that your hair will always grow longer. To ensure the hair colour remains nice and uniform, you would need to frequently re-dye your hair. If you decide to visit your local hair salon, costs can ramp up even more! All the money you invest into hair care products for damaged hair is not a small amount either. Although high-quality human hair wigs are not cheap, it is mostly a one-time upfront cost. Caring for your wig is much cheaper than caring for your own hair.


Wigs are the best solution for people who suffer from hair loss, thinning hair, or receding hairlines. They can cover up all those problems while blessing the wearer with voluptuous hair. Wigs can really provide a huge boost in confidence for those who are bothered by hair problems. Anyone can have the same James Charles hairstyle when wearing the right wig!


Sometimes it is difficult to achieve a desired hairstyle because of certain qualities associated with your natural hair. For example, if you are born with very curly hair, straightening your hair may be more of a hassle. If you have dark hair and want to dye your hair a lighter colour, the result may not be exactly how you imagined if the two colours do not mix well. However, if you decide to wear a wig, you can achieve any type of hairstyle you can ever wish for. You will never have to worry about unsatisfactory hairstyling attempts. You can simply custom purchase a wig with your dream hairstyle and immediately show it off to your friends!

Modern James Charles Wig

It is difficult to identify a single James Charles wig out of the vast number of choices that exist for the modern hair design. Every man on the street has at least one, if not several, wigs that are designed and created to mirror the latest fashion trends in both men’s and women’s fashions. While some men have their own unique taste in fashion, most men simply choose a wig that closely resembles Best style trend to wear each day. However, regardless of which style of James Charles wig you choose, it is essential to pay attention to your personal appearance and to choose a style that is designed to look as good on you as it did on James Charles himself.

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James Charles Hair-extension is the best known and most accepted modern hair style. It’s also the most familiar of all the styles, thanks to the James Charles Band logo being emblazoned on it. The James Charles logo has been used by many celebrities from around the world to promote their latest hair style. Celebrities such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Leighton Meester, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Shakira, and Ashlee Simpson have all donned Best style in one way or another. This article will talk about a very unique style that I have found, which will hopefully help you find your own unique look!