Confluence Vs. Miro

Confluence Vs. Miro: Which is the better Deal?

The Confluence web-based software was launched in 2004 and is a great tool for project management and team collaboration. and creating a single point of data. The Miro software can be described as a tool that allows online teams to maintain control and drive their projects. It’s been in operation since 2011, and has kept up with changing times, bringing the most up-to-date tools available on the application.

This is the most current pricing for Confluence vs. Miro pricing information in relation to the options available on every.

Confluence Pricing

The Confluence project management program is a highly regarded product used by teams to add coherence to their work and to maintain their integrity. But various sizes of teams require their own set of capabilities, so here’s an overview for you to consider:


The initial option for Confluence pricing is the free version which has a limit of 10 users. But you are able to create pages and spaces indefinitely to make as efficient as you want. There’s a specific Macros feature that creates the aspect of interactivity by allowing you to attach real-time updates and reports or status. You can be sure that all versions of the files are stored and you will not have to lose updates.

The free plan, too, comes with a best-practice template library that can assist you in starting your work instead of having to start from scratch. Analytics is able to help you evaluate the possibilities of the success.


The basic pricing plan is approximately $5.50 per user, and it is able to handle more than 20,000 users. It shares many of its features with the previous plan but it has some other advantages. Like, it allows you to make bulk archive pages, so any unnecessary information is hidden from view when it’s not needed.

It is also possible access analytics to determine the level of engagement that is depending on the number of opinions and comments. In terms of security and compliance your standard price plan includes all the features such as anonymous access, audit logs and data residency as well.


Third option best for those looking to have greater control over teams and projects. The price is $10.55 The premium plan includes a number of options to address workspace requirements. For instance, you’ll be able to access Team calendars External collaboration, as well as automation, too. The admin controls are upgraded by admin insights, Sandbox, admin key releases tracks, and copies space access rights.

A premium price plan provides unlimited storage space to store everything you need in one space and access them anytime you require.

To learn more about how to use the software, choose a Confluence demonstration. This demo can guide users on how to use tools to ensure you are using the best practice.

Miro Pricing

Miro is regarded as a highly dynamic platform that allows you to host conferences and meetings, draw diagrams and share data. Let’s look at all five Miro pricing options:


To help those who are just beginning their journey, Miro has a free-of-cost plan that allows unlimited members. While the number of features is limited however, they’re one of the most important capabilities available with this Miro software.

In this way, you could make up to three editable boards so that you can add details continuously. Additionally, it is possible to access pre-made templates for digitizing your work right after you sign for. The cost-free pricing option is also compatible with other integrations, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Drive and Dropbox. In addition, Miro’s free pricing option lets you keep a basic attention management. This means that you are able to invite members to specific sections of the board or observe their actions by tracking the location of their cursor.


The other pricing plan is referred to as teams. It is used to build as many editable boards you need. Additionally, as this plan is focused on supporting teams, it comes with the benefit of providing access to unlimited users. Custom templates can be created with the assistance of your team to ensure that all the essential aspects of your plan are taken care of. You are able to continue to modify and modify these templates as company needs change.

You may also manage project boards and ensure the permissions are properly checked. Users also have the option of keeping the boards confidential until it is time to share with others in the team. The price for the team pricing plan is $10.


The pricing for business plan is $20 and allows you to invite guests in unlimited numbers if you choose to go with it. There are a few special features that make it easier to manage collaborative process. Miro Smart Diagramming helps in the creation of detailed and unique diagrams by using advanced shape packs for Business Modeling Notation and Data Flow Diagram. Modelling Notation as well as Data Diagrams. Diagram

Miro Smart Meetings feature Miro Smart Meetings feature is an excellent way to exercise control over what participants or attendees see when they attend. You are able to check out the features that attendees can use while at the conference too.


The enterprise option is great for those who wish their platform integrated into enterprise-scale security and tools for compliance. It also has a higher level of data governance in addition. The integrations are SEIM-level. In essence the enterprise version is ideal for larger companies as well as companies that need secure online collaboration spaces.


The last pricing option is available to consultants. It comes with all the features described on the team’s choice as well as its own. The cost is $15. It is private space that doesn’t require an absolute number of seats nor limits guests’ access. It allows control over what staff members or guest guests have access to access.


The Confluence pricing is higher than Miro. However, for companies that have larger teams Confluence is the best choice since it comes with more options and integrations.