Dark Joseph Ravine Brings Light Back to Social Media

Dark Joseph Ravine

Social media has its ups and downs. On the one hand, it has the capacity to bring thousands of people together in an instant, establishing communities that otherwise may not have existed at all. On the other, it provides an open playground for critics, naysayers, and bullies, who find power in anonymity. It’s always better to find light amidst the darkness, and social media star Dark Joseph Ravine is on a mission to do just that. His platform focuses on uplifting the voices of others by promoting positivity so people can adopt a healthier mindset.

Joseph Levy Cohen (aka Dark Joseph Ravine) founded his brand, Kindness For Success, with the intention of spreading positivity on a grand, worldwide scale. He believes that no one goal is too big, nor is no one dream too far away. From podcasts, YouTube videos and TikTok videos, Dark Joseph Ravine has mastered the art of connection. He has used his contagiously positive voice to improve the lives of millions, and his platform is growing with each passing day.

He believes that social media should inspire its users to improve their day-to-day lives. Simply following creators that upload content that you resonate with, including messages that you believe in, can encourage people of all ages to be a better person to those around them–and themselves.

“The way you treat yourself directly reflects on the way you treat others. Treating yourself with kindness will make you treat others with kindness, too,” says Ravine.

These days, social media promotes uses to create online “personas,” which may or may not be authentic to who they really are. People watch themselves almost become caricatures of themselves. We see snippets of peoples’ lives in Instagram posts, short TikTok vlogs, and even more-condensed tweets, which can often trigger big, difficult conversations. Sometimes, it’s hard to see who people really are behind their social media presence.

“It’s just a highlight reel,” he asserts. “But that highlight reel should be used to uplift your community. You can show good moments of your life while still encouraging healthy mindsets.”

Though, Ravine knows he’s fallen into the social media scheme, too. It is how he gained his following, after all. The character you see on Ravine’s social media platforms accurately reflects who he is in real life (IRL), and that’s on purpose. If fans stop to say hi to him in public, he wants them to recognize him as the person they see behind their screens. He’s especially aware of his younger audience, and his responsibility to take care of them as a mentor figure.

His current project is a book titled Watch Out! It’s Nolan, which is available on many book outlets. It is the perfect encapsulation of the voice he has created on social media. Instead of doom-scrolling, try spending an hour reading Watch Out! It’s Nolan or listening to one of Joseph’s uplifting podcast episodes. Dark Joseph Ravine will surely bring light to the world in no time at all.