Essential Websites Designers for a Creative Boost

Essential Websites for Designers to Get Inspired

As a graphic designer, you are expected to bring your “A” game to the table. The creativity expectation is not just limited to a fresh perspective and a color palate that makes the client stay but also something out of the box that appeals to everyone. No matter how outstanding and imaginative you are, creatively never bolster in a cocoon. You need to explore what’s in the market, and the latest trends. You can then filter out the designs that inspire you to do better. As a designer, your job is to stay in touch with your artistic side without losing the originality or the touch of reality. Even the best names in the industry look for inspiration when they hit the creative block and there is nothing unusual about it.

Experts believe that 31% of the people holding creative corporate jobs complain about hitting the creative block. Almost all of them believe that creative block can be traced back to tight deadlines, lack of diversity in the tasks, and the inability to take creative risks. fortunately, no matter how mundane your routine gets, if you get exposed to good work you will get inspired to do better. Eventually, you will standout – the color palate, typography, and the design language will finally make its way to your work.

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Essential Websites for Designers to Get Inspired

Whether you are a motion graphic designer, UI/UX designer, videographer, web designer, or an animation specialist, you need to explore some design websites. If you are currently struggling with the design or you just need some inspiration to break through your creative block, here are some graphic design-related websites that you must explore.


Behance is a profile-based portfolio building platform where you can showcase your work. The best part of getting on Behance is that you will stay in touch with the design community, get to know about the design trends, and also you will get to meet a lot of recruiters online via Behance. As a designer Behance account will be a game changer for your freelance business mainly because with just one click you will be able to share your portfolio with the recruiter while pitching them your services.


If you are on a budget and you need a free site where you can have easy access to some of the best designs and editable templates, freepik is the only answer you will get. Most of the designs, templates, and pictures available on freepik are free however, some designs hold premium value so you will be asked to pay for these designs. From the free stock, you can easily download three pictures from one account every day. However, if you get a premium package you will be able to download much more without pondering about the quantity and quality. All the templates available on the site are premium and high quality. To make the designing process easier, freepik offers you multiple files for every design so you can edit it by using any tool you find easier to operate.


Shutterstock is one of the most essential websites that every designer must use. Shutterstock offers you the best collection of graphics, design templates, snippet videos, product photos, and much more. Shutterstock allows you to become a design contributor or download editable designs submitted by other professionals. There is just one downside that the site is not free and for every design, you have to pay. However, you can also get a monthly subscription or design collection bundle. Designers who get bulk work and find it difficult to manage the workload can rely on Shutterstock for quality designs.


If you want to know what an award-winning talent thinks and what kind of work they offer, Awwwards is the place for you. You will have free access to some of the most diverse, talented, award-winning, and critically acclaimed designers. You will not only be able to view their work but also vote for the best submission and evaluate their work as well. This means that it will broaden your horizon by exposing you to quality work online.


The logo is the face of a business. Some of the famous logos in the business world have become even more popular than the brands, which highlight the importance of designs in making a business mainstream. For your brand logo projects, Logoinspirations can be a game changer. You can get billions of logo inspirations from award-winning talents and newbies. You will be able to filter the logos based on the company framework, services, products, style of the logo, and the client brief as well. No matter where you live or what your brand requires, Logoinspirations doesn’t just focus on sharing designs inspired by traditional work but also brings you modern and minimalist logo pieces.


Pinterest is an inspiration heaven for every creative spirit. Here you can not only have access to the best work but get inspired by real pictures and scenarios. Most designers like to use templates and then adjust the color palates to give their personal and modern spin off. All of this is possible on Pinterest where you can get niche-specific designs as well as contemporary broad-spectrum templates that you can easily adjust by using any designing tool. Moreover, you will find people selling their templates for small businesses and brands so they do not have to hire expensive designers for branding.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, getting inspired by someone’s work doesn’t mean you will be able to replicate their styles. Instead, you will add your unique blend or come up with a different perspective using the same style. No matter how expert you are, you need to learn from your peers. Apart from skimming through this list, you can also join some design-based communities or open a website for showcasing your work to inspire others.

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