GEICO Insurance Accident Claim Secrets revealed


Anyone who has watched television in the last ten years has seen commercials with a talking lizard, a funny caveman, or an ad suggesting that “the thing to do is switch to GEICO.” With one of the largest insurance advertising budgets in the United States, GEICO (Government Employees Company) has skyrocketed to become the second largest auto insurance provider in the country, with more than 15 million drivers purchasing policies. If you are involved in a car accident, you will VERY likely have to file a claim with GEICO.

Similarly, in any insurance claim you would NEVER want to petition GEICO on your own without proper legal advice. Because of its commercials, most assume that GEICO is a pro-consumer company. However, GEICO doesn’t rack up $27 million in profits by paying handsomely for every single claim; instead, this corporation is run by savvy executives who know how to make money (they are paid handsomely. In a recent year, the average GEICO executive made $230,152, and its CEO made $12.4 million!). In order to generate profits and maintain their advertising budget along with their salaries they MUST reduce payments to deserving claimants.

If you need to file a claim with GEICO, contact the law firm that has successfully handled COUNTLESS claims against this company and has the knowledge of how it works. The attorneys and professionals at Stewart J. Guss, Attorneys at Law, are very familiar with the GEICO processes. Our team is here to help car accident victims through this process. We are open 24/7, so contact our office right now at 866-674-5289 or submit your case for evaluation by CLICKING HERE. Remember that you do not have to pay us anything until we have WON your case, so you have NOTHING to lose by calling us.


Today, asking you to answer certain questions or provide a statement about the incident while it is being recorded is almost a standard process for adjusters. Know that you ARE NOT OBLIGATED to do so, and our lawyers recommend sticking to this.

While the insurer is recording it, there is a chance that you will make comments that will later harm your claim. You can politely say that you feel “fine,” even though you are in a constant battle with pain. The adjuster may take your simple response and use it to argue that you do not deserve any compensation for your pain and suffering since you were feeling “fine” at the time of the call. That’s how easy it is for an adjuster to take advantage of a simple word out of context and try to reduce your claim.

The adjuster may also record a phone call to persuade you to quickly agree to resolve the settlement immediately. They may promise to avoid delays and make early offers in exchange for your commitment to accept the initial offer. As you watch your debts pile up and pile up, settling the claim as soon as possible may seem like the best idea, however it IS NOT.

Usually the first offer is THE WORST since an adjuster will try to make it as low as possible. They may argue that they have a recording of you accepting this, they may manipulate your statements and claim that your acceptance was a legally valid agreement. Even if you find that the offer is too low to cover all your losses, you may only have that initial amount left because of your recorded verbal agreement.

Some adjusters will tell you that the law entitles them to a recorded statement or that it is necessary in order to settle your claim, which IS NOT TRUE. Except if you start case, the guarantor doesn’t reserve the option to request a recorded discussion. While you DO reserve the privilege to deny it.

Also, keep in mind that GEICO (Government Employees Company) fitters will likely tape you without asking first! While you assume this is against the law, you may be surprise by the fact that in some states. Only one party needs to be aware of the recording for it to be legal. This means that while you think you are just casually answering questions, the adjuster was actually recording everything. This brings us to the next GEICO (Government Employees Company) secret.


ALWAYS be very careful about what you say to adjusters, and keep your answers as short as possible. For sure, very soon after a collision with a GEICO (Government Employees Company) customer, an adjuster will contact you. They will want to discuss various issues, and you will only need to provide basic information such as your identification and contact information. On the other hand, there are many other issues that you should ALSO NOT discuss with the adjuster at this stage of the claim:

  • How the accident happened and what you were doing beforehand
  • Medical diagnosis and treatment
  • Medical costs so far
  • Time you had to be absent from work
  • How your injuries affect your life, including your daily and recreational activities, level of pain, and suffering.

When you are discussing any of the above with the adjuster, there is a good chance that you will say something that the insurance representative can manipulate and use against you, especially if the conversation is being recorded.

While many think that their side of the story is harmless to the adjuster. They will later realize that this person used their words to limit the settlement offer. It’s normal if you think it’s rude to refuse to answer their questions. However, this is not in your best interest. If a GEICO adjuster tries to carry on a conversation about the accident and your injuries, politely decline. Then immediately call an attorney who knows what to say and what not to say during an insurance claim.

Our attorneys understand how important it is to review what you tell the adjusters. We can handle all communication with GEICO to make sure nothing during your recorded conversation harms your claim. So contact our office right now at 866-674-5289 or submit your claim for review by CLICKING HERE.


When you submit your medical bills to GEICO, your expectation is probably that the insurer will simply add up the totals and make a payment offer that covers them. However, GEICO is one of many companies that simply ignores the actual amount of your medical costs and instead of taking them into account. They replace them with what they call “usual and customary charges”

“Usual and customary charges” means that GEICO brings in its medical professionals. Who decide if your costs were usual and customary charges for the type of treatments you received in the area. Where you received them. GEICO will then base the settlement offer on this total. Even if it is much less than what it owes you for your expenses.

If this sounds unfair to you, that’s because it is! GEICO should not have the power to decide how much your treatment should have cost. If your doctor thought a certain type of procedure was necessary, you should feel comfortable having it. And expecting the insurer to cover the costs. Companies like GEICO should not make accident victims feel hesitant to be treat thinking. That the insurer will not cover the full value of the treatment.

The right law firm can present evidence that your expenses were in line with the usual. And customary medical practices in your region and that you therefore deserve to be paid full value. We can fight for you by listening to your doctors and helping you get the treatment you need. While having the peace of mind that we will fight GEICO to recover your medical costs.

Stewart Guss and his team of attorneys know that your medical bills DO matter, even if GEICO claims otherwise. We will always fight for fair compensation for your medical costs, both past and future.