How many film industries are there in the world?

How many film industries are there in the world?
How many film industries are there in the world?

Ever imagined how many film industries are there in the world? Well, it’s difficult to assume the actual number as there are less popular film industries available that don’t come to the limelight. The exact number can be thousands or even more.

But if you follow show biz update, you can easily detect some of the leading industries dominating the world right now. Let’s explore a bit more about the film industry working behind your favorite movie.

How many film industries are there in the world?

Every country has a different movie industry. Though some are popular around the globe, others are working to reach on top.

Some of the leading film industries and the countries they belong to are as follows:

  • Hollywood: Originated from the United States
  • Bollywood: Originated from India
  • Dhallywood: Originated from Bangladesh
  • Lollywood: Originated from Pakistan
  • Swahiliwood: Originated from Tanzania
  • Chinawood: Originated from China
  • Aussiewood: Originated from Australia
  • Follywood: Originated from Sri Lanka
  • Ghollywood: Originated from Ghana
  • Riverwood: Originated from Kenyan
  • Chollywood: Originated from Peru
  • Hallywood: Originated from South Korea

Top 6 Film Industry

Here are the top 6 film industries for you among the different film industries.

1.    Hollywood

Hollywood is a very powerful film industry in the United States of America. From the 20th century, this film industry created great impacts worldwide.

Hollywood brought a dominant style in making films in 1913. This style can even be found today. According to statistics, this industry earned around $11.1 billion in 2015. And till now, it is the most successful film industry in the world.

2.    Bollywood

Bollywood brings the largest number of movies in the film industry. They make around 1200 movies per year, whereas Hollywood makes 800 movies per year. This film industry earned about $1.8 billion in gross value.

The former name of Bollywood was “Bombay Cinema.” The word Bollywood is interlinked with ‘Bombay’ and ‘Hollywood.’ However, Bollywood has connections with other Indian and south Indian movies. All these movies together hold India’s filmmaking society.

3.    Chinawood

Chinawood has been quite well-known around the world in recent days. Compared to Hollywood, they bring high-quality movies to the world. This industry earned around $6.78 billion every year through the box office. Chinese cinemas have three major historical links: Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China.

4.    Cinema of the United Kingdom

The Cinema of the United Kingdom has created some finest movies throughout the years. They earn around $1.9 billion at the box office. More importantly, it has been a robust industry for over 100 years.

This industry’s “Golden Age” is from the 1930s to the 1940s. While they made great movies, this period also brought talented directors like Carol Reed, David Lean, Michael Powell, etc. Even in recent days, their works have been acclaimed around the globe.

5.    Cinema of Japan

Asia’s largest film industry is the Cinema in Japan. In 2015, they earned about $1.8 billion. They have been making films since 1897; soon after, they had a foreign cameraman. This film industry has a remarkable history of flourishing for over a century.

In 2021, Japan was in the top 4, along with its largest and oldest film industries. They were at their peaks in 2011 as they featured more than 411 films that had US$2.34 billion in revenue. According to the accounts, it was 54.9% of the entire box office.

6.    French Cinema

In 1895, the French Cinema entered and contributed in many ways. Every year, they earn around $1.4 billion. Also, France makes the third most movies in the world.

They achieved a lot in 2015, as they had 2113 million movie visits, became a European cinema-going country, and a sixth huge ticket seller. Also, they earned around $1.6 billion in 2016.

French Cinema focuses on creative and cinematic arts. The filmmaking industry considers France as the “birthplace of cinema.” French people loved watching movies, so the industry got the inspiration to create more movies. In 2016, France made around $1.6 billion through the film industry. you can check the best live streaming platform is 6streams.

Additionally, the French government supported the film industry. So, the “french cinema” turned very powerful.

Final Verdict

Million people are working in the film industry and increasing the revenue globally. Already there is a huge number of the film industry in the world. But, more countries are getting encouraged to join in recent times. Hence, it’s getting tough for the filmmakers to meet the fan demands.

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