How often to Change UVC Germicidal Lamps

How often to Change UVC Germicidal Lamps

The use of ultraviolet disinfection technology has been proven for decades in health care and industrial settings that place a high priority on indoor air quality. Airborne biological contaminants can be prevented from circulating throughout your Orlando home’s indoor air by preventing mold and bacteria from forming on damp HVAC components.

Using UV-C radiation to neutralize harmful bacteria, UV purification systems are powerful water treatment methods. The UV rays render organisms like giardia and salmonella that are microbiologically unfit harmless. 

To maintain their performance and ensure they operate effectively, UV purifiers do require annual maintenance. To make sure your UV system is protecting you from bacteria and disease, change your UV lamp annually and clean the quartz sleeve. 

What are Germicidal Lamps?

It is believed that the Germicidal lamps are the most hazardous since they emit UV wavelengths between 200-280nm. These UV lights should therefore be handled and used with extra care.

UV radiation emitted by these light bulbs damages the DNA of microorganisms, resulting in their death or inability to reproduce. The bulbs are not suitable for use in the home.

The most common uses of these devices are in professional and industrial environments, including:

  • Water treatment
  • Disinfection
  • Sterilization
  • Food sanitation

When should I replace my UV lamp?

It is recommended to replace UV lamps every 12 months. The lifespan of UV lamps is approximately 9,000 hours. The lamp can be used for approximately 375 days before it needs to be replaced. If you forget to order a replacement lamp in time, you have a little wiggle room, since technically the lamp lasts for about a year and a week. 

Make sure you always have an extra lamp available or set a reminder to order one a month before your current one expires so you don’t forget. If your water is no longer disinfected after 9,000 hours, you will no longer be protected from microbiologically harmful substances. As soon as you burn out the UV lamp, passing water through a tube of glass inside a pipe is all you are doing. 

It is also important to replace the o-rings on your UV system whenever you replace your UV lamp. Watertight seals are achieved with O-rings. Degradation and weakening will occur over time, however. If you replace your lamp, make sure to install new o-rings so that any electrical components of the system are not damaged by water escaping from the chamber.

What is the reason for replacing UV lamps? 

Mercury fuels UV lamps’ germicidal properties. Mercury beads are contained in each UV lamp, which creates electrical arcs that disinfect water. During the heating process, mercury emits UV-C light. Bacteria can be neutralized by this UV radiation because its germicidal wavelengths produce germicidal effects. Bacteria can’t reproduce when exposed to UV-C rays. Microorganisms in water are inactivated by the mercury-fueled ultraviolet light from the UV lamp. 

The mercury will slowly deplete over the 9,000 hours that the UV lamps are active. Mercury is no longer effective after 9,000 hours, so no microorganisms in the water are irradiated by the light emitted by the lamp after 9,000 hours. 

The amount of mercury in UV lamps is very small, even though high levels of mercury are dangerous. No mercury is directly exposed to the water, so there is no risk of health effects. The disposal of UV lamps can also have detrimental effects on the environment, but mercury can also be harmful in some cases. 

UV lamps are also recyclable, just like fluorescent lights. In this case, it is possible to salvage and reuse the mercury in other ways. All UV bulbs are required to be recycled after burnout in several states. Look for light bulb recycling drop-offs at your local hardware store. There are often mail-back kits available that cover shipping costs if you don’t want to send them back. 

Where Can I get the Germicidal UV Lamps:

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The limited warranty depends on the type of UV lamp you buy and how many hours have passed since the purchase. 

Final Thoughts:

This is a comprehensive article on UV Lamps and the importance of their replacement and precautionary steps before purchasing them in bulk. Keep in mind that replacing UV lamps is an annual task that contributes to the longevity of your water filter.