How to Care For Your Diamond Earrings

Taking extra caution and special care of your unique diamond earrings is very important. You can’t afford to take those precious diamond earrings for granted, especially when you want them to maintain a sparkling new look at all times.

After investing so much time and money in those precious diamond earrings, it is ideal for you to have them professionally cleaned at least twice a year to retain their shine and luster. By doing this, even your children can enjoy owning and using them later in the future

Professional jewelry cleaners make use of high-technology instruments and certain chemicals to clean diamond earrings that we non-specialists are unable to do. Take a ride to a diamond jewelry store at least twice a year to maintain the sparkling new look of your precious diamond earrings.

Professional jewelry cleaners not only clean your diamond jewelry, but also examine the strength and quality of the prongs to make sure they’re not weak, bent, or loose. The earring prongs are responsible for holding the diamond in one place and also ensure that your diamonds don’t mistakenly fall off.

Taking Personal and Special Care of your Diamond Earrings 

As relevant as it is to take your diamond earrings to a professional cleaner, it is also important to squeeze out time in between visits to clean your jewelry at home. Cleaning your diamond earrings often will ensure that you retain the quality and sparkle. Take care of your investment to maintain the beauty of your diamond earrings.

  • Get warm, foamy water and a very diluted or mild liquid detergent. 
  • Use this mix and gently brush your jewelry with an old toothbrush to remove the dirt and grease from the hidden edges of your precious diamond earrings. 
  • It is ideal to brush the earrings firmly so as not to damage the diamond jewelry while wiping off the dirt.
  • It is also good to use commercial products that are particularly designed for cleaning diamonds. 

You will be guaranteed sparkling and new diamond earrings if you can wash your precious jewelry frequently at home and also visit a professional jewelry cleaner twice a year.

Other Methods of Cleaning your Diamond Earrings

  • Warm Water and Ammonia

In need of something more considerable than just dish soap? Use ammonia! In this part, you will mix a part of ammonia with a part of warm water. Dip your earrings into the washing liquid and have them soaked in the manner of a dish soap method for ten minutes. Carefully rub them with a soft-bristled brush after they have been soaked, and buff-dry them with a microfiber cloth.

It would be best if you had gloves for this method, as ammonia has an aggravating nature when it comes in contact with the skin.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Method

The use of hydrogen peroxide is another method that is easy to have your diamond earrings cleaned at home. Have a container filled halfway with cleaning solution and submerge your earrings to utilize hydrogen peroxide. For twenty minutes, let your diamond earrings sit. It’s also advisable to leave it overnight before you scrub them with a jewelry brush to take off the tarnish. Have them air-dried on a plain surface and you will have neat diamond studs again.

  • Baking Soda

In search of less harsh chemicals? Have you considered baking soda? Here, have your diamond earrings soaked in a clean mixture containing a cup of warm water and two teaspoons of baking soda. Leave your earrings in it for about 5-10 minutes as the cleaning agents do their work magically. Gently have them scrubbed with a soft toothbrush after they have been soaked to be able to get through the nook and crannies. Dip in cold water to make sure all cleaning agents are taken off. Finally, dry with a microfiber cloth.

  • Store-Bought Cleaning Solution and Kit

If all these methods do not go well with you, try to acquire a jewelry cleaning kit. Most times, these kits have effective ultrasonic jewelry cleaners capable of utilizing blasts of warm water and cleaning solutions that are professionally made. Just place your diamond earrings in the kit and walk away after you hit the settings.

Why Should You Clean Your Diamond Earrings?

In the same way your earrings shine, glisten, and sparkle, they are also liable to get dirty if not properly taken care of. They can lose the sparkle you fell in love with. In addition, this accumulated grease and dirt can stress both you and the diamond jewelry. 

Does it really matter if your diamond earrings are dirty? It doesn’t alter the value in any way, or does it? As much as the value of your diamond earrings remains the same, there are some reasons why you must clean them.

Clean Diamond Earrings Protect You From Potential Harm

If your diamond earrings are not cleaned, you can be exposed to multitudes of potential harm.

Consider this fact: your shiny diamonds rest in your ear. This indicates that each time your hands touch them, they get exposed to all kinds of dirt, germs, and grease from the day. Also, each time you touch your face — to probably have an itch scratched or have your glasses adjusted — these germs are transferred to your skin.

This is not just gross, but it has potential dangers. If one of these germs carries a virus or bacteria, illness or infection is inevitable. And if your hands come in contact with a germ-filled surface after touching your earrings, you have successfully transferred more germs and made yourself prone to sickness.

Your Earrings’ Value Needs Maintenance for Coming Years

If you need the value of your earrings maintained, it is important to have them clean and shining. A well-maintained diamond stud earrings will always have more value because they will certainly be in good shape.

Maintaining the value of your diamond earrings reveals that you take your jewelry seriously. Give the proper amount of time needed to have your diamond earrings cleaned. This way, you will be guaranteed of having fiery diamonds for years. And you can comfortably show off or resell the diamond jewelry to other people.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning your diamond earrings is important as long as you wear them. No matter how busy you are, creating time to clean them will make them free from germs and bacteria that could penetrate your ears and the closer parts like your face and head. Giving them to professionals for cleaning will also make them look new for years that even your children can happily inherit them.