How to create a video that Gets Viral?

viral video

Videos are a popular format. Most of the digital presence of people is catered to by videos. Plus, it is growing exponentially. The question here is Why only videos are getting viral? Why is that so? And How we can create content that clicks with millions of people. So the article will attempt to present tips for making the music video viral.

Tips for Making Video Viral

Although there is no science available for getting viral. However, there are some tips obtained from the experience that can help us ace the process. So whatever advice we are giving you, it is a mere reflection of experience attained through viral videos.

1- It must be Crisp

The number one piece of advice for making your video stick is to keep it as crisp as possible. There must not be any unnecessary details in it even if they add color to your video. There is another reason for doing this and that is related to our attention span. As indicated by statistics, the human mind can retain attention for less than 30 seconds in one go. Moreover, as the length of the video increases the will to watch decreases. So make sure that the video is as crisp or short as possible. You can take help from a Video Editor if it is difficult for you.

2- Have a Clear Storyline

The next tip to producing viral content is to focus sharply on the storyline. You must have a clear direction or storyline in the video. There shall be complete clarity in the point you are trying to convey. Plus, you should structure your video in a streamlined manner where the intro comes first, then the climax, and then the ending. This will help the audience to understand the video easily. Making the video in a structured manner does not mean that the video has to be long. Everything should be crisp as mentioned in the first tip.

3- Follow the Trends:

The next tip is to follow the trends of social media or the medium you have selected for the video. For instance, you can follow the thirty-second music reels of TikTok. Also, if you like to edit videos for youtube you can still follow the trend of adding music to videos for making them click. Therefore, you must follow the trends of social media for making your video viral. 

You can also take the help of some tools like Add music to Video & Editor which creates trendy video clips and contains templates of viral videos. You can check that as well.

4. Make it relatable

The next thing that you should focus on is covering a wider audience. It means you should select a topic that is relatable to a wider population like a meme or a funny ritual or happening that can be relatable to every commoner around the world. This can be a way to make videos viral.

5. Have Patience

The road to making viral videos is full of trial and error. You can never expect or be 100% sure that the video you are making is going to click. So you must have it in your mind that it takes patience and consistency to produce videos that actually click. 

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