How to Find the Piano of Your Dreams


Regardless of whether you intend to play it or not, having a piano as part of your household makes a fantastic statement and conversation piece. There is a range of different styles available on the market from the exceedingly large grand piano for large homes with masses of space to the more compact upright piano for smaller spaces in more modern homes.

There is a piano for everyone, with styles from just about every desirable period there is. Choosing one that you like to compliment your décor may be the hardest part of having one of these highly attractive pieces of workmanship grace your home.

#1 Purchasing New or Pre-Loved

Pianos are still very much in production from certain manufacturers and are available to purchase at most music stores. However, you may find that their price tag is a bit on the pricey side. Buying a pre-loved piano will most certainly save you a lot of money, but you will have to ensure that it has been well looked after at its current abode.

#2 Sourcing Your Piano

If you have decided to go with a pre-loved piano, then scouring websites such as eBay or Facebook could be a good start, but you may also find that people are advertising their pianos on notice boards or in music magazines when they are wanting to rehome them.

Of course, it is up to you whether you decide to purchase from an owner or someone that is running a business in moving pianos onto new homes. Buying from an owner will probably gain you an understanding of the history of the piano, whereas from a business, there could be limited knowledge to pass on.

#3 Bringing Your Piano Home

Either way, you will probably have to look into getting your piano home. Even if you have a large vehicle, you are better off seeking professional piano movers than trying to move the piano yourself. This is because they can weigh between 500 and 800 pounds for an upright piano and can take four people to move. Not only this, but professional piano movers will be able to get your piano to you without any damage, while being insured for the move. On the other hand, you will stand a good chance of incurring damage due to a lack of expertise and knowledge.

#4 Keeping It Well Maintained

Of course, regardless of whether you are purchasing new or pre-loved, your piano is going to require tuning once it has been settled into its new surroundings, and this is not a one-off affair. Regular tunning carried out by an expert will ensure that your piano stays in tip-top condition and is ready to play and enjoy at a moment’s notice.

Final Thoughts

Take your time in choosing the style of piano that would fit in with your décor and be sure to check the sizes to ensure that you have plenty of room for it. Hire the help of professionals to get your piano into your home from its current position and for the sake of enjoyment and care have it regularly tuned by an expert piano tuner.