How to Stream NFL in China 2022

How to Stream NFL in China 2022

If you’re like me, you’ve spent plenty of time searching for live streams of NFL football games and college football games online. So you’ve thought there must be a better way to watch a high-definition football game in China, right?

Thank goodness there is. There are many excellent paid and free ways to watch NFL in China during the 2022-2023 season.

Here are the best ways to watch NFL football in China, from the easiest (usually paid) to the most challenging (often free).

Watch with NFL Gamepass (recommended)

Watch with TV Streaming Services

Watch via Amazon Prime or ESPN

Watch NFL on Tencent

Find NFL Streams Online (warning)

Please let us know if I’m missing an option in the comments!

Stream with NFL Gamepass (Best China Option)

NFL Gamepass is the easiest way to watch high-definition NFL football games in China (the international version is cheaper than the US version).

This is the method that I use, and I LOVE it.

It is not only possible for me to watch live NFL games (since I am outside the US), but also to record them, watch them on my mobile device, watch condensed versions (30 minutes rather than 2 hours), and – here’s the best part…

…it doesn’t require a VPN.

Occasionally, NFL Gamepass offers a 7-day free trial before you’re required to pay for a year, so try it this week. I know you’ll love the quality and ease of use as much as I have.

Try a Paid TV Streaming Service

Alternatively, you can use a paid TV streaming service like Hulu, YouTube TV, or Sling to watch an NFL football game in China. By doing this, you can access both NFL and college football games.

You’ll have to do your research to find out which channels and programming appeal to you (see my list below).

With these services, you not only get access to NFL games but also to several other programs and channels that NFL Gamepass does not provide.

The downside to using TV streaming services is twofold:

There’s no way to watch every NFL football game (so you might not be able to watch your team one week, which sucks);

To use these streaming services in China, you need a VPN.

Based on the country you would like to stream from, I recommend the following paid TV services:

United States:

YouTube TV (my personal favorite), Sling TV, or USTVNow are your best bets. Each website offers a unique package of shows and channels from the US and may require you to use a US-based VPN server to access the content.

United Kingdom:

Now TV offers not only NFL games but also soccer (“football”), rugby, cricket, and Formula 1 for those in the UK.


In Canada, NFL rights are held by DAZN, a streaming service primarily known for streaming MMA and boxing.

To stream these services, you can theoretically connect to a server in any country using a VPN.

It is highly recommended that you use ExpressVPN. However, if you prefer, you can also check out what other sports come with the streaming packages!


You may have trouble setting up your VPN to watch these streaming services due to censorship. There are still ways to install a VPN in China, thankfully.