How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Won’t Open Problem

Expertly Fix the QuickBooks Won’t Open Issue

QuickBooks is undoubtedly a helpful tool for various enterprises. For regular users of the accounting solution, it is difficult to imagine life without it. But have you ever wondered what would happen if the program refused to launch? Don’t consider it a rare occurrence, as many people have reported that their QuickBooks won’t open. Without good troubleshooting knowledge, it is extremely difficult to fix this problem. That’s why, in this piece, you’ll find all the probable reasons and expert fixes for this glitch.

Why Is Your QuickBooks Not Opening

QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t start due to a variety of factors. Here are the chief ones among them.

  • Your company name is very long.
  • The hard disk is corrupt.
  • Faulty QuickBooks installation procedure.
  • Corrupt product registration file.
  • Your operating system is obsolete.

Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Won’t Open Issue

Don’t think that the resolutions are too technical. When you understand them, it will feel easy for you to make your QuickBooks Desktop open.

Employ QuickBooks Tool Hub

The QuickBooks Tool Hub is a program that has tools that fix various problems in QuickBooks. You can use the Quick Fix My Program application to repair QB when it does not open. 

  • Close QuickBooks. 
  • Now launch the QB Tool Hub. 
  • Tap the ‘Program Problems’ tab present on the left portion of the tool hub. 
  • Locate the ‘Quick Fix My Program’ option and tap it. 
  • After the problem resolves, ensure to open QuickBooks Desktop again. 

Remove the QBWUSER.INI file

Deleting this file will also delete all data related to product registration. But you can easily register QB again. Here are the points to delete the file and re-register QuickBooks. 

  • Open the ‘Users’ folder from the C:\Drive.
  • Search for the folder having your username. 
  • Now, in this folder, click open the ‘AppData’ folder. 
  • Double-tap on the ‘Intuit’ folder. 
  • Now, launch the folder of ‘QuickBooks[year]}].’
  • Locate ‘QBWUSER.INI’ file. 
  • Once you find it, delete it. 
  • Head to desktop. 
  • Now right-tap on the time display. 
  • Tap ‘Adjust Date/Time.’ Check if the date is correct. If not, correct it. 
  • Tap ‘Apply’ followed by ‘OK.’
  • Launch QB Desktop and choose the ‘Help’ option. 
  • Tap ‘Activate QuickBooks’ and choose ‘Begin activation.’
  • Now input the product validation code and tap ‘Next.’
  • It will allow you to register your product. 

Repair the installation of your QuickBooks Desktop

Faulty QuickBooks Desktop installation results in the program not opening. You can repair the entire installation with these steps.

  • Press the following keys on the keyboard: Ctrl, Alt, and Delete
  • Now, opt for the ‘Task Manager’ option.
  • Right-tap on the ‘Process’ tab.
  • You can now pick any QuickBooks processes and right-click them.
  • After that, hit ‘End Process.’
  • In the confirmation process that you received, opt for ‘End all processes.’
  • Begin QuickBooks again and see the issue.

Update your Windows operating system

If the current version of your operating system is out of date, you must install the latest one. Use these instructions for this method.

  • Through the ‘Start’ menu, land on the ‘Control Panel’ area.
  • Here, opt for ‘System and Security.’
  • After that, choose ‘Windows Update.’
  • Now, tap the ‘Check for Updates’ option.
  • Install the available updates.
  • Tap ‘Install.’
  • Now, start your Windows again.
  • Run QuickBooks after that.

Use the Safe Boot mode to use QuickBooks.

This method is perfect if the working of QuickBooks is disturbed by other applications. Here are the steps to run QuickBooks in Safe Boot mode.

  • Trigger the ‘Run’ box and input ‘msconfig.’
  • Click ‘OK.’ The system configuration utility will show.
  • Go below the ‘General’ tab and check ‘Selective Startup.’
  • Tap ‘Apply.’
  • Now, restart Windows and use QuickBooks.

Final Thoughts

Now you know exactly why your QuickBooks Desktop won’t open and how you can make it open. The measures won’t take much of your time and will allow you to use the program without disturbance. Connect with a professional QuickBooks technical support service if you need more information on any measure.