How to Uninstall/Delete Apps from Firestick?

Firestick is a device that you have been using for quite some time. You may have installed many apps and are now unsure how to delete them. You’re in the right place. Today’s guide will show you how to remove any app from your FireTV device in just a few seconds.

As I will be sharing a bonus tip with you, make sure you read the entire article. Before we move on to the guide, let’s first understand why you should not uninstall apps. This is because you might not be aware of the potential problems you could face after installing different apps on your device.

Firestick Apps: Why should you uninstall them?

Firestick is a streaming Media Player with thousands of apps. However, it only has 8GB memory for FireTV Stick while FireTV Cube has 16GB. Because apps get larger due to the many features, this isn’t enough. You will be notified about this issue if you continue installing apps.

Other than that, if your device runs out storage it slows down and also causes performance to drop. There will be a slight difference in the time between app launch and app switching from the past to the present. App crash and closing of apps will occur if the storage is full.

Overheating is another problem that could cause damage to your device. The buffering problem will occur once the overheating has started. You won’t have the ability to watch any video without buffering, even if you have a fast internet connection.

How to Delete Apps on Firestick

If you are troubled by this question that is how to delete an app on firestick, then I have given some steps below which if you follow then you will get your answer. We have already shared the reasons why you should uninstall apps from Firestick. Well! If that is true, then don’t worry! Here are the instructions for how to remove an app.

Follow these steps to uninstall any app:

  • You will first need to close any apps that are running in the background. Next, go to Home Screen and open Settings.
  • Move forward after going to Settings and select Application.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Manage Apps.
  • In the Show section, make sure you select All Apps and not Internal Only.
  • After you have selected it, the apps that you downloaded or installed will be displayed there. Select which app to Uninstall.
  • Click the Clear Data and then select Clear to delete temp files.
  • Now, clear all data and click the Uninstall link.
  • Clicking on the button will prompt you to confirm your click.
  • The Notification will appear.
  • The app icon will disappear in a matter of seconds and you can remove the app from Fire Stick.

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This guide will show you how to delete Firestick apps in just a few minutes. Follow the above steps to get rid of almost all apps. You can’t uninstall the system apps. Just leave it as is.