Importance of the Coil in a Pleasant Vaping Experience

Importance of the Coil in a Pleasant Vaping Experience

The coil is an essential component of a vape. It is like the heart of vape devices. The coil consists of a wick and a wire that is set up in the tank. A good quality coil is very important to enjoy your vaping experience smoothly. Coils are made of materials with a certain resistance level. Replacing the coils comes under regular maintenance of your vape kit. Changing the coil increases the life span of your vape kit, but if you are using a disposable vape like Elf bar 1500, then you don’t have to change the coil. You can simply discard the device.

The flavour delivery and vapour production depend on the proper functioning of the coil. It will be unpleasant for you if it is burnt out or of low quality from the very start. Usually, the coil needs to be changed frequently. It can last from one to four weeks, depending on the usage and the e-liquid composition.

How to Know the Condition of Your Coil:

There are a few signs that you can pick up to know if your coil needs to be replaced or not. Some of them are briefed in this blog to help you better understand the functioning of your coil. Hopefully, after glancing through this blog, you will be able to spot when your coil needs replacing.

Burnt-out Coil:

The coil goes through repeated reheating and cooling procedures. This constant process burns out the coil eventually. The life of a coil is not indefinite. It will eventually need to be replaced or discarded in the case of disposable vapes like Elux legend 3500 puffs.

Here are some reasons why the coil burns out after use:

1.  More VG Ratio:

Using an e-liquid with more VG proportion destroys the coil at a faster rate. VG is a viscous component that helps produce a significant number of clouds. Cloud chasers often tend to choose more VG-containing e-liquids, but they neglect the fact that their coil will suffer more this way.

2.  Harsh Flavours:

E-juices containing harsh flavours like tobacco burn out the coil more often than others. Since these flavours already deliver a harsh flavour and a strong throat hit, the users often do not realise that their coil has burned out till late.

3.  Less Amount of Vapours:

When your vape kit starts producing less amount of vapours than it used to do, it is a sign that your coil has given out due to the lacking of e-liquid. The efficiency of the coil is affected when it is not in its best condition. So, when this happens, you should know that your coil needs to be replaced.

4.  Weak Flavour Delivery:

When you no longer enjoy the flavour of your vapours, it shows the coil needs changing. Changing the coil brings out fresh and strong flavours. In order to enjoy your favourite flavours fully, you should pay attention to the condition of your coil.

5.  Change in Wattage:

If you want to change the wattage your device used to operate, you should find a compatible coil. If the coil and the wattage level are not compatible, your coil will give in faster than usual.

6.  More Frequent Puffing:

If you are a heavy vaper or you take small puffs now and then, there is a greater chance that your coil will burn out quickly. Taking frequent puffs means the coil goes through constant reheating and cooling down, this makes the coil-less efficient.

Cap up lines:

Even if you are vaping through a disposable vape kit or using a reusable vape you have to give rest to your vaping device. Th,s it will make your vaping experience super classy otherwise you will face trouble in the form of coil burnt.

You will know when you should change your coil if you keep in mind these few things. Reading the signs of your vape coil is not that difficult, and proper maintenance is necessary for a delightful vaping experience.