Physiotherapy could be done at home using virtual reality

Physiotherapy could be done at home using virtual reality

As we all know that physiotherapy needs patients to practice the prescribed exercises at home. But, the problem here is that at times people who are aged or experiencing difficulty in executing movement cannot visit the physiotherapy clinic frequently. In fact, during a covid pandemic, when everyone was restricted to the four walls of our homes, practising physiotherapy exercises too remained restricted to video calls. Now, there is one very effective and common resolve to both the situations mentioned above – Physiotherapy through Virtual Reality at home. Yes, physiotherapy at home is possible. Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is capable of giving a real-time experience to the user. So far, this technology has been used for both entertainment and serious applications purpose.

Benefits of VR combined with physiotherapy:-

The use of virtual reality to provide physiotherapy to patients allows real motions to be translated to an avatar mode, which is further viewed in a virtual environment. There are various universities out there, researching about the same. The technology of providing physiotherapy treatment can also be used to ensure that the patients are carrying out the exercises in a correct manner. The avatar that is present in virtual reality, can be slowed down or speed up to regulate the movement on the patient’s end. This helps the patients to follow the instructions better and also keep in sync with the exercise pattern done by the virtual avatar.

With the use of VR, not only physiotherapy exercises can be provided easily at home, but with the help of VR, physiotherapy exercises can be made more interesting and easy to perform. Moreover, in terms of physiotherapy, it’s simply a boon, especially for the patients who are going through rehabilitation. Using VR for physiotherapy exercises develops a safe, engaging as well as interesting. Many studies have clearly shown that the use of VR to provide physiotherapy treatment has shown huge benefits in a reduced amount of time. As per many types of research, the use the age of VR in physiotherapy for pain management has shown a 24% drop in the pain level.

Which ailments can be treated?

Physiotherapy through virtual reality can be used to treat both physical and physiological conditions. VR combined with physiotherapy has huge benefits such as it improves patients walking skills, balance skills, cognitive functions etc. With the help of many different environments involved in VR, the motor learning skills of the patients are also enhanced. VR therapy combined with physiotherapy is very helpful especially when it comes to treating disorders like Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Cardiovascular Rehabilitation, Neuro Rehabilitation, Post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, autism, and many more. For several years now, VR therapy combined with physiotherapy has also been used for reducing stress, anxiety and phobia.

How does it work?

VR works on the principle that it is very much capable of engaging the brain into doing the task that’s in front of it. As a result of using VR, the brain starts to form improved connections, when the task has a goal connected to it.


So, as per the above-mentioned benefits of using VR for physical therapy, we can say that VR is the new digital physiotherapist, that can help you get rid of your pain in a very effective way. Using VR with physiotherapy is one of the finest ways to achieve pain management. Physiorevive in Delhi is one of the finest physiotherapy clinics in Delhi, to get your physiotherapy treatment done. The team of experts have also got in-home service for the elderly. They ensure to go an extra mile ahead to ensure that their customers get the required relief.

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