Printable Onward and Shopkins coloring pages for kids

Printable Onward and Shopkins coloring pages for kids

Coloring is an intellectual activity that makes people more intelligent, especially children. For children, coloring is not just drawing pictures but a language expressed in pictures, helping children express their thoughts and feelings about the world around them.

Therefore, parents should let children participate in coloring more to help them develop more necessary skills. Onward and Shopkins coloring pages are interesting for children!

Onward coloring pages: Discovering meaningful lessons about family

Onward is a good Pixar movie, but not as great as the previous ones Pixar made. However, the sincere plot is still what attracts the audience the most!

Onward is an adventure of family love

The film is about two brothers who are elves who try to use a spell to reunite with their dead father in one day. According to early reviews, Onward is a good Pixar movie but not as great as the works these studios have made. The plot and emotions are what keep the audience interested, especially those who have experienced loss.

The story has two elf brothers who live in a world where magic has been forgotten because of technology. But when he found an item left by his father and a spell that could bring him back one day to meet his father, Ian knew what he had to do.

However, only the legs of the deceased father returned because the spell was wrong in several places. For this reason, the two brothers had to go on a quest to find the Phoenix Gem to complete the magic and spend as much time as possible with their father. Of course, they will encounter many difficulties on the journey to conquer it.

Onward’s plot is pretty straightforward, but Pixar does well at what has become their franchise: It has to be genuine, whether it’s a story about toys or a pair of brothers taking a chance once in a lifetime – meet a loved one by magic. Pixar has had success in the past when it comes to combining a good story with elements of fantasy to create films that surprise audiences.

Onward cartoon is profound family love

Everyday life is a fantasy suburb with countless magical creatures living in harmony. The cartoon opens viewers to a magical world full of color and joy.

The elements that make the brand successful globally are music, effects, and graphics. A humane story about friendship with extremely humorous moments: Onward will take not audience is disappointed. 

Choosing family love as the central theme, like many Pixar films, Onward brings warmth and fun, leaving a message of affection. The younger Ian is shy and self-deprecating, while the older brother Barley is outgoing and adventurous. The journey of finding the father brings them closer together.

From disliking each other, each person becomes an additional piece of the puzzle for the other. Later, Ian realized that his brother was the only person who was always there to encourage and help him, making him believe in himself. 

The touching story of family love is depicted with many emotional scenes. Father and son, brotherly love are shown very simply; there are no moral lessons in the film, but it still conveys enough profound philosophies.

Exploring the mysterious magical world through Onward coloring pages

Onward’s magical world journey is exciting; the film opens up to viewers with actual and emotional emotions. Children will be highly excited and curious about the adventure story of the lively magical world. The colors, music, and scenery in the movie will make viewers wish to once live in that world. 

We bring Onward coloring pages to satisfy everyone’s desire to explore. The journey to discover the magical world begins with our Onward coloring sheets. If your kids are curious about the magic world, let’s explore the magical world with Ian, Barley, and Children. Don’t forget to color some color on the Onward coloring pages to make the pictures come to life.

Printable Onward coloring sheets

When children color Onward coloring pages, this is not only a way to exercise hand dexterity; the coloring is also a way to help children best promote their imagination, creativity, ability to express emotions, Intelligence, and observation of everything around. From the age of 3 onwards, if you are regularly exposed to coloring books, it will help your baby develop brain and vision and help him learn to see things in general. 

Onward coloring pages are pictures with cute and lovely characters; parents can be assured that the quality and content of the images are suitable for the child’s soul. Coloring Onward coloring pages will allow children to demonstrate their creativity. Through colors and drawings, children will have new ideas and have different imaginations with ordinary pictures and colors. Therefore, parents should give them the color box and space to be creative. 

That will bring a good effect when the baby creates vivid and attractive pictures. Using different colors is also an opportunity for them to explore color combinations. It’s easier for kids who learn about palettes early on than creating and matching colors. 

Of course, these great benefits are enough to convince parents or teachers to give children experiences or great lessons in using coloring pictures for children. If parents and children participate in coloring Onward coloring pages, it will also create more memories for children with their parents, and parents can more easily support and guide children.

Shopskin coloring pages: A unique gift for preschool children

How does the Shopskin toy trend develop?

In recent years, the trend of toys for children is more and more colorful and full of educational functions. With the appearance of Shopkins toys from Moose Toys (Australia), children today have more choices in their toy collections.

Besides, parents have another excellent choice of educational toys. Shopskin toys are popular with kids worldwide, including in the US, Australia, Europe, and Japan. That is no coincidence – these toys are well-made and loved by children. In terms of appearance and structure, Shopkins is a collection of many personified characters from products in supermarkets. 

Accordingly, each character in the Shopkins toy collection will represent a specific item commonly found in supermarket stalls. The Shopkins toys are cute, with eyes, nose, and mouth. They are named after the characters’ personality traits.

Shopkins has become close and more kid-friendly. The characters in the Shopkins toy collection are now not only a toy but also lovely and close friends of children.

Your kids will love these fantastic mini toys; They will keep children entertained all day. Each little Shopkin has a prominent character with its face, characteristics, and name. These figurines are about 1 inch tall and 1/2 inch wide and come in light-colored packaging with bubble letters.

You can explore Target’s Shopkins collection to find the perfect ones for your kids like Apple Blossoms, Bubbleisha, Donatina, Golden Cupcake Jessicake, the very popular Real Littles, and more. You’re sure to find something your child will love in adorable dolls to a wide range of supermarket items.

Why do Shopkins toys connect content with all children?

To meet the cross-sectional content for the Shopkins toy collection, producer and owner Moose Toys has built the Shopkins Ville animated series posted on Youtube and TV channels in Australia. Through this animated series, children will gradually know the personalities of the characters they collect in the Shopkins toy world.

For example, the personality of the character Apple Blossom, a character that appears quite often in the Shopkins toy cartoon series, is personified as a lovely girl who loves to learn about the world around the supermarket. Apple Blossom’s best friend in the Shopkins toy supermarket is Cheeky Chocolate; he is described as an intelligent boy. And around those stories is the formation of positive personalities for children who collect Shopkins toys.

We realize the trend of children’s toys in recent years; Shopkins toys are loved by children worldwide. Children want to collect these tiny, cute toys, sometimes even as “treasures.” The toys are personified as children’s close friends.

Therefore, it appeals to children aged 3-10 years old. We think that children will love Shopkins coloring pages as much as they love the toys.

Are coloring activities important to children?

Maybe many parents do not attach importance to coloring activities for their children, but it is just an activity for children to entertain, and they don’t understand its true meaning. Coloring brings many benefits to children. Coloring activity is like a means of thinking; it stimulates children to think of observed images of the world.

Through Shopkins coloring pages, children can show their observations about the colors and shapes of surrounding objects in the coloring pictures. Shopkins coloring pages help children learn by providing familiar images to observe and remember.

Printable Shopkins coloring sheets

Coloring can be considered a language to communicate with others about emotions, desires, feelings; dreams conveyed to others when children have not yet perfected the spoken language. And coloring is the most effective and simplest form of expression. Shopkins coloring pages are the foundation for forming children’s creative thinking and sense of beauty.

Children will learn best by actively participating in color Shopkins pages. That will help them to identify colors, shapes, and sizes. When children have memories of things and phenomena, they will promote their imagination and create new ones by observing. Thus, coloring is an art activity that is beneficial to the intellectual development of children.


We all know that all children learn to color before they can write. When language ability is not yet fully developed, painting is the most effective and exciting means of expression. Color is one of the essential factors that attract children’s first attention.

Therefore, coloring Onward and Shopkins coloring pages will help children get acquainted with colors early, which is an effective way to increase the ability to observe children.  Parents should encourage children to participate in coloring activities with many different coloring pages. Coloring activities have many benefits and meanings for children. Visit our vast collection of coloring pages at: Almost everything is available here.