9 Steps to Sell Courses Online the Complete Guide

Sell Courses Online

No wonder online learning has taken over the standard learning ways. Now, any person, who is skilled enough, can make an online course and upload it to the online learning platforms to earn money. Many people are curious to know how they can successfully sell online courses. Well, it is not a daylong task. Yet, some efficient steps can help you sell your online courses. As you are here, reading this, you most probably want to know the steps to sell online courses. No worries, we are here to guide you through it.

This article will provide you with a definitive guide to selling courses online. This article has everything you need to sell your online courses successfully. Even online learning is now common among us. Still, many people are unaware of the common steps to dive into online course markets. Yet, we will teach you how you can design, market, and sell your courses online.

The 9 Steps to Sell Online Courses

Have you ever heard students asking their friends to please cheap dissertation writing services? Do you ever wonder why? Because their courses bored them. I suggest not to make boring courses. Else, people will not buy your online courses potentially. If you want to sell courses online, you have to be very careful about some factors. You have to think like a marketer and know your audience before starting your journey. In this way, you can better understand how things work and make successive objectives.

Pick an Interested Subject

Many online course sellers fail to sell their courses successfully due to the subject. It is true that some subjects have no market right now. It means that jumping into these subjects will not be a good option. People buy online courses to gain knowledge, get a better career opportunities, and continue their education. Not that only, if they enroll in a subject related to their work, it can possibly help them secure a promotion.

Sometimes, people want to learn a new skill or about the subject to boost their profile. Thus, a person would never buy your online course if they are not interested. If you want to know which online courses range under good sellers, here are some of them.

  • Computers and IT
  • Business courses
  • Digital marketing
  • Arts and crafts
  • Education courses
  • Academic and Professional writing
  • Personal development
  • History
  • Social science

Designing Online Course

Creating an online course contains several factors. First, you have to figure out the subject you can deliver well. You should pick a subject that you can teach efficiently. Not that only, you have to be aware of your targeted subject’s trendy topics to hook the readers through your course outline.

Choosing Hosting and Selling Platforms

Of course, you have to upload your online course to some platforms where people can reach it. You will have to consider some hosting and selling platforms, which are well-known to make your online course easy to access. Some of the excellent platforms are Udemy, Coursera, and Masterclass.

Deciding the Price of Online Course

The pricing factor is one of the most puzzling things. You cannot hit the perfect price range on the first attempt, and it is totally okay. You will have to take some time and perform an analysis to find out the ideal price for your online course. There are three major factors you have to consider while setting the price, here are them:

  • The amount of money you spend creating your online course.
  • The prices of competitor courses in the industry.
  • The earnings of your targeted audience.

Doing Market Research

Undoubtedly, you will need to do some market research, no matter how brilliant your online course is. Know that it cannot market itself, it is you who will be doing it. Strong marketing is necessary to get the maximum benefit from your online courses. Else, the results will upset you. Also, market research helps us know the ideal audience for our online course. This sole factor will help you sell your online course in many ways.

Course Extras

The best way to increase your online course’s price is to add extras. You might be thinking about what could be on the list of extras. Well, no worries, here are some things that you can count on:

  • Bonus course materials
  • Extra lessons
  • Templates and supplements

Sell Your Online Courses

No wonder you build a great online course. Yet, the audience will not come to you themselves. You have to pull them towards you. It is going to be you who has to sell your online courses, not them coming to buy them automatically. Here, marketing strategies can help you significantly. Besides, know that market research and marketing are different. Marketing helps you sell your work, while market research helps you gather vital info.

Build a Sales Page

Have you ever heard the term sales page or landing page? If not, then no worries, we are here to explain it. A landing or sales page is a pre-stage page for confirming the order. It means your audience will land on this page first before paying for your online course. The benefit of building a sales page is that you can drive immense traffic to it from various platforms.


Undoubtedly, the startups give us many things to learn. It is totally okay and understandable if your startup does not meet your expectations. You should know what can make it perfect, improvements. Therefore, observe the course you build. Try to find out which areas need improvements and do it accordingly.


Make your online course so interesting that no one has to ask their friends to Take My Courses For Me. There are already thousands of boring online courses available on the internet, and yours should not be one of them. I suggest you be highly dedicated while creating your online course, so you can get a head start. Besides, know that you can improve your workday by day after getting feedback from your audience. Thus, there is no need to be upset if you do not meet the objectives at the beginning.