Steps to Setup HP Printing Device with

HP printers of different models are widely used. After you bring one to your place, you must know how to unpack and start using it. It’s possible to set up HP printers on the device of your choice, such as a computer or phone. The only requirement is that users must download a suitable driver. Head to to get suitable software and driver packages for your printer model.

For instance, if you have purchased an HP DeskJet printer model, you must type the model number on the search field on the web page to get the latest printing software. In this article, you will find the full procedure of HP printer setup for Windows and mobile phones.

Setup HP Wireless Printer in Windows Using

You can easily set up the wireless printer on your Windows system. Just abide by these steps to begin the setup process. 

  • Power on your printing device. 
  • Link your Wi-Fi router with your printer. 
  • Go to the touch screen display of your HP printer and press ‘Setup.’
  • Now, from the menu, choose the ‘Network‘ option. 
  • From the ‘Network‘ menu, choose ‘Wireless network setup wizard.’
  • The printer will begin looking for wireless routers. 
  • You must choose your network from the given list. 
  • Now, input the WPA/WEP for the network and hit ‘Done.’
  • To confirm the settings, hit ‘OK.’
  • Now, take out a print of the wireless test report by pressing ‘OK.’
  • This finishes the connection of your printer to your wireless network. 
  • After that, head to 123.hp/setup for downloading HP printer drivers. 
  • After the download completes, head to the folder which has stored the drivers. 
  • Double-tap on the driver and adhere to the onscreen instructions to set it up on your computer. 

Steps for adding your printer to your system

Post the completion of the setup process, you must add the HP printing device to your system. Here are the steps to add it.

  • In the ‘Control Panel’ area, tap ‘Devices and printers.’
  • Tap ‘Add printer‘ in the subsequent prompt window.
  • You will notice a tab where you can opt for your printer.
  • Select your printing device and tap ‘Next.’
  • When your HP wireless printer connects with your system, it means you are now ready to print.

Setup HP Printer to Your Phone through

You can also link your HP printing device to your phone using the printer setup web page. Use these simple pointers.

  • Check that the printer hardware is in good condition.
  • Now, download the HP ePrint app by heading to the 123 HP Setup page on your phone.
  • Opt for the ‘Data Usage’ preference on your phone.
  • You will view a prompt window on the home screen.
  • Grant permission for the setup and to add your email account.
  • Now, go by the instructions to get to the file you desire to print.
  • Open the ePrint app and tap ‘File.’
  • Navigate to the folder and select the document to print.
  • After that, you can link your printer to your mobile through the 123 Setup page.

Summing up is a great place to download the requisite printer software and find answers to issues related to your printer. Using this website you can easily set up your wireless printer on your Windows or phone. Connect with a printer technical support expert for more details.