The Benefits of rainbow glasses

rainbow glasses

Lenses that are incorrectly tinted for a specific activity or glasses that are too in darkness tinted could scale back visibility by obstructing an excessive amount of visible radiation or distorting the wearer’s perception of color. Continuing to wear glasses with too dark lenses will cause oversensitivity to lightweighting. Here are some tips and tricks about rainbow glasses.

Color code

It wasn’t till I attempted some combinations of glasses myself that I used to be completely convinced that a pair of glasses may improve my mood. I ordered many designs and tried on a combination each day till I felt a change in my mood. 

Rose: Purify, lift and Awaken

Glasses are a good place to start, as it is a softer shade than the others. Whereas I like the stylish pink hue and my choice of cat-eye frames, I did not feel a right away mood change with this shoe.

Red: Feels more grounded

Putting on red glasses like the basic chakra may be more dramatic than a rose. I believed seeing one thing in red would be distracting and would not notice any carry in mood, however, the intense red light-weight that catches my eye brings sudden comfort.

Orange: Feels stable and balanced

The first time I put on my orange shoes was after a long, wearing day at work. Churchill once said that the combination “will provide a sense of balance and harmony,” and he was right.

Yellow: Achieving a sense of openness

I look forward to feeling happy and connected after I don my yellow lenses, however, it does not affect me as powerfully as others. aspect note: I learned that yellow isn’t my color. Sporting tinted glasses, you cannot see colors clearly once you look within the mirror, as a result, everything is that color thus selfies are a requirement.

Green: On, lift, and wake

This combination of greens is also quite different from frames I’ve tried before. The warmer tones that elated my mood provided a lot of immediate response, whereas the green combine took longer to require a result, but had a lot of lasting impacts.

Blue: Feeling calm, relaxed, and reassured

Blue glasses positively have a calming result. Like the green pairing, the blue benefits lasted longer for my entire day, however, I did notice a relaxing result presently when swiping on this combine.

Indigo: Helps focus and expand awareness, insight, and intuition

Indigo is another colour that does not work on my behalf. Before golf shot on the glasses, I used to be curious. However, the glasses would facilitate my focus, however, the color does not seem to work.

Violet: Strengthens and corrects energy imbalances, clears the mind

In the end, Violet helps get things back on track. I’ve worn this combination for the longest time and found that you want to see everything in a very single color. I can not pinpoint exactly what facet of my mood this combination has lifted. This is an overall improvement.


It does not distort color or evaluation; it simply reduces incoming light. Brown and green lenses beautify intensity perception, lessen glare, and growth contrast and clarity. Red, orange, and yellow lenses distort different colors, however additionally enhance contrast and intensity perception.