The best 3D printing accessories of the year 2022

The Snapmaker one-of-a-kind shop to offer you the best 3D printer accessories like never before. These accessories help customize your 3D printer and turn it into an extraordinary piece. This article will discuss each accessory, its features, and what makes it a dream come true. They are pretty helpful for all users. The 3D printing accessories available at Snapmaker include; 

The Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary module: It enables you to make it in a new dimension; it adds the 4th axis to your printer with high precision, making it an incredible desktop CNC machining powerhouse, and much more. Here are some of its features;

  • It has Origin assistant (CNC) and autofocus (Laser) enabled.
  • Swappable 3-jaw chuck that can clamp inwards or outwards
  • You can install the base plate in different positions
  • It fully utilizes features of other 3D printing accessories like enclosure and emergency stop button. 

The hot end for the dual extrusion module: This hardened hot end is optimized for engineering applications, supporting nylon, carbon fiber reinforced nylon, and glass fiber reinforced nylon. Some of the overall features of the hot end for the dual extrusion module include;

  • Luban auto-detects hot end sizes and types and auto-modifies machine settings.
  • It is very refined for high-performance consistency across an array of materials. 
  • You can as well change tool-free in just a few seconds. 
  • Snapmaker’s hot ends are customized for an array of materials such as ABS, TPU, ASA, and breakaways such as PLA, PVA, and HIPS. 
  • Note that it is applicable only with Snapmaker Artisan. 

PEI glass plate for Snapmaker Artisan: This 3D printing accessory has a high flatness, ensuring a smoother and more adhesive first layer. Other overall features of the PEI glass plate for Snapmaker Artisan include; 

  • It enables flexible materials to be removed from the glass surface quickly and neatly. 
  • PEI coating provides excellent adhesion for traditional materials like PLA.
  • It possesses glossy glass on one side and PEI coating on the other. 
  • It is mainly compatible with Snapmaker Artisan.  

Linear module for Snapmaker 2.0: The linear module is wholly enclosed in the aluminum alloy housing, minimizing dirt accumulation while maximizing precision and durability. It is also meticulously engineered, allowing other modules and addons to be attached easily and stably, making different parts work harmoniously. Some of its features include;

  • All-metal and enclosed design for excellent dust resistance, precision, and durability.
  • It has screw rod leads optimized to enable quitter printing.
  • TMC2209 stepper motor driver chips are embedded for quitter running with no worry about noise disturbance, but this does not compromise the speed or stability of printing. 
  • It is compatible with A25T/A350T. The linear module includes;
  • X-axis x 1
  • Y axis x 2
  • Z axis x 2

The laser engraving and the cutting platform: The aluminum grid table is made to offer excellent engraving quality, firm support, and ultimate durability. Its aluminum structures leave enough space for laser penetration while simultaneously alleviating burn-in of the laser unit and some excessive carbonization on the back of the material, offering a distinctive outlined laser cutting. Here are some of its features;

  • It has an opening on either side of the grid, which allows the debris to be swept out with just a brush. 
  • It is made of aluminum alloy, making it durable and firm. 
  • It is compatible with Snapmaker 2.0 series. 

The above-mentioned 3D printing accessories are just but a few of them. You can access all 3D printer accessories through the website, therefore, visit the website and get to see some more accessories which are pretty incredible at a discounted price.