The Best Free Browser Games for Remote Work

The Best Free Browser Games for Remote Work

Do you use your home PC to work at home? Give yourself a break without installing anything, paying a penny or leaving your web browser: it hosts an unsuspected game library.

Need a breather between Zoom or Team meetings, or to clear your head after turning in a document? Your web browser is a fabulous video game platform, with countless free nuggets. In this context of widespread teleworking, these are welcome breaks to better rest afterwards!

If the Flash format is definitively buried, the studios have been able to reinvent themselves around the growing possibilities of HTML5 and JavaScript. Adventure games, skill games, puzzle games or even great classics revisited: dive into our selection of the best free browser games, to relax for a few minutes … or several hours.


The first of its kind, Wordle was developed in 2021 by Josh Wardle. You have six attempts to guess a new five-letter word each day, with colors indicating the correct answers in your proposals.

No downloading, no advertising, free and sharing of results on social networks: the success is immediate. So much so that the New York Times bought the game on January 31, 2022 for several million dollars, in order to integrate it into its website.


A really good idea for a game, based on a service that everyone already uses: this is the secret formula of GeoGuessr. Developed by Anton Wallén, a Swedish information technology consultant, this project is based on the huge photographic database of Google Street View, which maps the whole world and immerses Internet users in every corner of the world.


Coma is a small adventure game with a touch of platforming that invites you to join Pete, a young boy who finds himself in a coma. Your goal will be to accompany him in his wanderings, and to help him find the way to wake up. As he wanders, you will be asked to help various people by solving puzzles.


Is it necessary to introduce Doom? Created in 1993 by idSoftware, this game practically created the FPS genre on its own.

Game of Bombs

Game of Bombs is a Bomberman doped with growth hormones. For those who don’t know Bomberman, it’s a small multiplayer game where 4 players (up to 16 in some versions) compete in an arena. The only weapon available is bombs that allow you to make your way towards your enemies and eliminate them.


QWOP is a sports game like you’ve never seen before. Here, no multiple events, no spectacular backgrounds and other fantasies, but the hard reality of the 100m. A simple 100m in which you have to run alone.


Spelunky is a critically acclaimed rogue-like game that mixes adventure and platforming with mastery. As an adventurer, you will have to go deeper and deeper into the bowels of the earth to collect as much treasure as possible. Of course, the task is not easy and many monsters and traps will not fail to send you to hell.


Developed more than ten years ago, Minecraft has become one of the most successful video games, with more than 200 million players to its credit. It has been released in countless versions for all platforms on the market … including our web browsers, in this classic edition that lets you wander or break blocks in the infinite world of its sandbox.


Developed nearly fifteen years ago by a computer engineer, Akinator was born from the desire to test the principle of artificial intelligence. Its concept? A genie guesses the personality you are thinking of, by asking you a series of questions. Originally called Devinettor, the game is gradually enriched by the players: when the computer is beaten, you are invited to record information.

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