The Best Ways to Avoid Bad Actors in Crypto

crypto actors

This article will explain how best to avoid and overcome the bad actors that you may encounter in the use and interaction with cryptocurrencies and any online e-transaction. The premise is that you should be as prepared as possible because there has been a sudden rise or increase in cybercrime, with specific reference to increased Fintech crime.

What Are the ‘So-Called’ Bad Actors in Crypto?

In any decentralized system of exchange or transaction, there are always going to be issues or challenges with those who are not genuine. These are the bad actors who attempt to bend existing socially and sector-wide accepted norms and rules. The best way to avoid and or overcome these bad actors in crypto is to ensure the following:

Only Use a Genuine, Tried, Tested, and Recommended Crypto Exchange

The rise of cryptocurrencies has seen the growth and widespread proliferation of various types and styles of crypto exchange. Look for those that have a pedigree and a positive reputation. Many would argue that a decentralized exchange is preferable and will provide more oversight by the other parties to the transaction. The provision of legislative oversight and guidelines simply provides additional means for bad actors to intervene. So, only look to engage on a platform that has been tested by others and found to be secure and reliable. The most reliable and trustworthy will offer proof of reserves, such as explained by, which will allow the crypto held in the exchange and traded to be verified and certified as genuine.

Understand the Cryptos That You Trade in or Intend to Purchase

The best way to combat bad actors is to be as informed and educated as possible. No one will be able to defraud you or take advantage of you in the world of crypto if you are as knowledgeable as possible. You need to know how the system of Blockchain works, as well as the values of the various crypto that you buy and are trading in.

Know the Chosen Entry Points and Weak Aspects of Crypto Security

Strangely enough, nothing has changed, and the weakest points are always the leakage of information and sharing your personal and even biometric data with others. This can be done in the form of an online application, online payments, and even in the set-up and establishment of your crypto trading account. It’s all those instances where you will be asked for your details. You need to be aware of these weak points and ensure that all passwords, key codes, and personal information are kept as safe and secure as possible.

Crypto may have been hailed as a means of seamless financial transacting and one wherein there was less chance of fraud, theft, or cyber-crime. As the sector has grown and expanded, so have the methods used to carry out attacks on cyber currencies and their owners. The advice as suggested herein will allow you to stay as safe as possible and as far away from the bad actors that now pervade the online Fintech space. The advantage of this spread of cyberattacks on crypto has been that the security and risk protection in the sector has improved dramatically over time.