Top 3 Italian Dishes You Must Try At Least Once


With so many food varieties available, it is impossible to try them all at a time, even if you try to eat a new dish every day, the food dishes will not end but your days probably will. But, you should at least keep trying new foods every other day, because food is something you cannot live without, so why not try different flavors from different continents?

When it comes to food, Italy has a dominant fanbase as whenever you hear the word Italy, the first thing that comes to your mind is Food, and the rest follows. Italian cuisine is so widespread that you can have authentic Italian lunch reservations in almost every part of the world.

Counting top Italian dishes that need to be tried first is like counting stars in the sky, the number is just infinite, moreover, you cannot try them all, so let us find out some Italian foods that are found everywhere and you can try them right away;

Italian Pizza

Pizza is a universal favorite. It is almost impossible to find a person who does not like pizza and there is no fast food restaurant in the world that does not serve Italian pizza. While a wide range of flatbreads is served with different toppings, no one could come up to the level of pizza. From the crust to the topping, an Italian pizza is a whole mood.

Pizza comes in different mouthwatering flavors like Hawaiian pizza, Margherita pizza, and of course the most-selling pizza in the world; the Pepperoni pizza, some Asian pizzas like BBQ pizza, and Chicken Tandoori pizza are there too. Oops! That water in your mouth is visible, time for you to order cheesy yum-yum pizza delivery.

Rigatoni Carbonara

You can now enjoy the most special dish of Rome in your region as well. When cooked with just pecorino cheese, pork meat, and eggs, and the way these ingredients stick to the rigatoni pasta, it is just incredible.

Rigatoni carbonara is not just tasty, it is a healthy addition to your meals too as it is a rich source of protein, the pasta is boiled until it becomes soft, but not that soft, then it is served with super-tasty egg dressing. Taste with Health; this Italian dish is a must-try.


Another inviting cuisine you must have heard of is Lasagne; a classic Italian dish, made with hand-made pasta sheets with your favorite minced beef or chicken fillings, and of course, the most common ingredient of almost all Italian dishes, the cheese; is something directly from heaven.

Whenever you find a chance to visit Italy, you must try Lasagna al Forno, the most famous version of lasagna, you will simply regret not trying it out earlier. The secret behind the divine taste of this lasagna recipe is its special bechamel sauce, once you taste it, there is no going back.

Final Thoughts

Wanna give your taste buds a tour de heaven? Go for Italian cuisine with your eyes closed. Rich cheesy flavors, fresh and organic herbs, perfectly balanced spices, and tantalizing taste are what you get when you order Italian cuisine, so do not get late, order your Italian meal right now and have fun!