What Makes a Motivational Speaker Ineffective?


As a listener, have you ever been stuck hearing a boring motivational speech by an ineffective and unskilled orator or you have attended an exciting session by a professional or effective motivational speaker such as Deepanshu Kher If yes, then you will surely know what an ineffective motivational speaker sounds and looks like and the factors that differentiate effective and ineffective ones! In case you don’t know, we advise you to read this post. Here we are going to tell you about the factors or traits that make a motivational speaker ineffective.

Traits of an Ineffective Motivational Speaker

There are several things that make a motivational speaker ineffective. This may include the lack of the ability to connect, engage, and inform the listeners or targeted audience. Such speakers are no less than torture to the listeners. But when you see other popular names such as Deepanshu Kher, a motivational speaker, they know how to keep people engaged and connected.

Apart from this, the following are some of the characteristics of an ineffective motivational speaker:

  • Lack of proper preparation

An ineffective motivational speaker is unprepared while delivering the speech. You must understand that people know are smart enough to notice if you are not fully prepared. It is true that no speech is 100% perfect or flawless. When you fumble so often or have unorganized notes of the speech, it will surely be noticed by the audience. To work on this, you should prepare well, give enough time to yourself, and try to do some meditation to relax your mind. You can also see videos of Deepanshu Kher or any other popular motivational speaker to know how to prepare well and be confident while on the stage.

  • Reading the speech instead of speaking

If you think that reading a speech is a good thing to finish your session, keep in mind that it is a BIG MISTAKE that you SHOULD NEVER MAKE. But yes, having notes in your hands while on the stage is not always a negative thing as you can highlight important points so that you do not forget anything. Besides, you should ensure that you are speaking not reading. When you start reading, it will look like a book recitation which will make your audience feel boredom. So, practice well so that your speech looks natural.

  • Apologizing constantly

Do you also often say “pardon” or “sorry” while speaking? If yes, then you should bid adieu to this habit right away as it can bring attention to certain things that audiences did not even notice. However, we are not saying you should not apologize. When you see people like Deepanshu Kher leading nameyou will notice that they do not apologize for minor mistakes. Rather than this, they do it when something contemptible happens. So, try not to apologize so often.

  • Delivering the speech poorly

If you are someone who is droning on in a monotone voice level, then keep in mind that you will never be going to win your audience. Some motivational speakers used to stand in the right posture but they keep looking at the floor. This is yet another method that brings boredom and detaches the audience. To deal with this problem, there is only one effective method – start following someone like Deepanshu Kher.

The Bottom Line

Apart from the traits listed above, the absence of humor and lack of regular practice are some more factors that can make any motivational speaker ineffective and his speech boring.

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