What Streaming Service Would You Really Like?

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It used to be easy to find something on TV by simply turning on the TV, flipping through a few channels, and stopping when you found something worth watching. You could expect to find most of the major movies and shows on the three main platforms (Netflix and Hulu and Amazon Prime Video) or on the digital versions (HBO Now and Showtime) of the premium cable networks.

It’s not easy anymore. Since late 2019, there has been a slew of platform launches, as major media companies jockey for position in the post-cable world. In November 2019, Apple TV+, Disney+, and Peacock were both online. Peacock also dominated all of The Office’s episodes. In 2020, HBO Max, a supersized version of HBO, made waves. Paramount+ was then launched, which is a rebranded CBS All Access. This is on top of dozens of smaller services and niche platforms that cater to audiences with specific tastes. The streaming revolution was never cheap or simple.

The good news? Most streaming services allow you to try their product before you commit. Although a seven-day trial is the most common, many platforms offer a month of service. Vulture is here to help you find the streamers that are worth your time. We have compiled a list of many subscription-based video sites that cover a wide range of interests. This includes movies, general entertainment, sports, and education. We tried to find streamers that cater to all tastes and communities.

Famous Streaming Service

These are the well-known streaming services that most people are using.


The all-inclusive store of original video entertainment is to stream what Kleenex was to tissue: a brand that has become so strong it’s almost synonymous with the category, even though it had a tough 2022. Netflix produces a multitude of stand-up comedy specials and its own scripted and unscripted series. It also makes a year’s worth of theatrical-quality feature movies that are larger than any major studio. Netflix’s ultimate goal is to offer enough programming for a dozen different networks while creating a single cable TV package. In recent years, Netflix’s collection of older movies and shows has decreased as NBCUniversal and Disney have reclaimed their intellectual properties. This means that you can no longer stream Friends or Star Wars movies on Netflix. There is still a good collection of retro goodness available, including Seinfeld and Monty Python’s Flying Circus as well as 30 Rock and Grey’s Anatomy.

Note: If you want a free streaming app to watch movies then the Cinema HD app would be a good option for you.

Amazon Prime Video

Although it doesn’t produce as many originals as Netflix, Amazon’s video platform isn’t a slouch in first-run fare. It premieres at least two big-name dramas or comedies every month, ranging from critically-acclaimed films (Fleabag and Modern Love) to popular hits (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Bosch, Jack Ryan, and more. Amazon also simulcasts Thursday night football games and is rapidly expanding its first-run movie list. The Prime Video Store also has a wider selection of TV shows and movies that it has acquired than Netflix. This is especially true if you are looking for content from the 1970s or 1980s. Prime offers a subscription that also includes Amazon’s video rental and download store. This means you will be able to browse through titles you can rent or buy while you are browsing the movies and shows.

Apple TV+

The streaming service is one of few that focuses exclusively on original content. You won’t find many older shows or hundreds of episodes. Apple plans to create its own high-quality collection of scripted dramas, comedies, and comedy shows. The Morning Show, featuring Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Ted Lasso, and starring Jason Sudeikis is the platform’s most popular series. Other early standouts include Dickinson, an anthology Little America and a reboot of Amazing Stories. TV+ includes some original movies such as the Samuel L. Jackson film The Banker and a Beastie Boy doc.


The Disney-owned streaming service is the best if you’re a cord cutter who still wants traditional TV. It provides next-day access to most prime-time programs from ABC, NBC, and Fox. Plus, it has its own slate of original, well-reviewed shows (The Dropout and Nine Perfect Strangers), Only Murders in the Building, and Rami, Shrill, Dopesick, and Rami) as well as occasional first-run feature films. FX on Hulu was also launched in 2020. This service combines many of FX’s old shows with new offerings like Mrs. America and The Bear. Hulu offers several options, including the option to add a live TV service that includes dozens of channels, the ability to record shows to a cloud DVR, and options to subscribe to premium services. It is a good alternative for Beetv APK.


The streamer formerly known as CBS All Access is still heavily influenced by content from Eye. Next-day access to shows like Evil, NCIS, and Young Sheldon as well as the live feeds of local CBS stations are all available. Paramount+, the new platform, has brought with it a host of library content from MTV, Comedy Central, and VH1, as well as the promise of more reunions and reboots related to shows from these brands (as well as CBS properties like 60 Minutes or Criminal Minds). With the addition of several thousand titles from Paramount Pictures and MGM, the service has increased its movie selection. Newer Paramount movies are now available on the service earlier, some appearing as soon as one month after theatrical debuts. Paramount+ also houses Star Trek content, including old and new episodes, just like the All Access days.


This is the place where Disney fans are most happy, as it contains almost every major animated or non-animated movie. It focuses on Disney’s top brands, including Pixar, Star Wars, and Pixar. The company also offers family-friendly content. This is where you can see original content from Star Wars, including The Baby Yoda Show, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Marvel’s Loki, and Ms. Marvel. If you have children over 2 years old and can afford the monthly fee, there is no better electronic babysitter.


HBO Max was launched amid confusion. There were already two HBO streaming services: HBO Go and HBO Now. HBO Go was the way cable subscribers got access to shows such as Girls and Game of Thrones online. HBO Now was available online since 2015. It offered the complete lineup of HBO movies and series. They have been retired by WarnerMedia, now Warner Bros. With more changes on the horizon, Discovery has consolidated its apps into HBO Max. This adds thousands of hours of classic movies (Casablanca and The Wizard of Oz) and TV shows like Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and South Park, plus original projects such as an Anna Kendrick romance comedy called Love Life, and a reboot of Gossip Girl. It also includes significant libraries from Studio Ghibli, DC Comics’ fleet of superheroes.

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