Benefits of ATEX Gas Station Lights


Explosion-proof gas station lights are an absolute must in any fuel station. Gas stations are highly flammable and explosive environments. LED gas station lights feature high Lumen outputs and high-quality LED chips for long-lasting illumination. In addition, LED gas station lights are ATEX certified and come in multiple lighting distributions. Many of these lights have a 100,000-hour life expectancy at L70. Here are some other benefits of ATEX gas station lights:

CES-J100 led explosion proof canopy light

Atex CES-J100 LED explosion-proof canopy light is suitable for gas stations. The light can provide up to 130lm/W of light output. Several countries all over the world have adopted this light for their gas stations. Its explosion-proof certification applies to locations where dust and gas are present. It can also be installed in the embedded mode. The CES-J100 LED explosion-proof canopy light can withstand the highest temperatures, vibration and impact.

Atex CES-J100 LED explosion-proof canopy light is made of high-quality LEDs. The highest TC temperature of the entire luminaire does not exceed 60 degrees. It is perfect for gas station lighting project. The CES-J100 LED canopy light has recessed, bracket, and surface-mounting features. Moreover, it can be used for LED Flood light.

LED explosion-proof floodlights are an environmentally friendly and energy-saving solution for hazardous locations. They have replaced HPS and MH fluorescent lamps and have several advantages over their older counterparts. These lights are widely used for indoor and outdoor lighting in different hazardous environments, including oil refineries, tunnels, and flammable and explosive fields. They are UL-listed to be explosion-proof and meet strict standards for safety.

UL 185w led explosion proof flood light

The UL 185W LED explosion proof flood light from Larson Electronics is a powerful alternative to traditional ATEX rated luminaries. It has an 18500 lumen output and draws just 185 watts. It has a durable die cast aluminum housing and tempered glass lens. It is also equipped with a back-up battery, which powers the light for up to three hours in case of power interruption.

It is available in several models: a downlight, a pendant, or a floodlight. There are also models that offer a 10KV surge protection. This UL844 LED explosion proof flood light has five mounting options. It has a 120deg beam angle and shock and vibration resistant tempered glass. It is available in two feet and four feet in lengths.

LED Explosion Proof Lighting is a great option for many different applications. It is UL certified and OSHA-compliant and is designed to operate safely in hazardous environments. They are also suitable for marine and wet locations. They provide reliable illumination even in the most hazardous environments. LED explosion proof lights can also be installed in other locations to reduce electrical and maintenance costs. So, you can use them anywhere in your facility.

Meanwell HLG Series: This is a well-known brand with high-quality LED chips. Its high-grade stainless-steel housing and adjustable lens provide long-lasting performance. Its heat-dissipation design is patented and ensures optimum light output. It also comes with a three-year warranty. The UL 185W LED explosion proof flood light for atex gas station is designed to meet and exceed the strict requirements of chemical factories and oil refineries.