Easily Resolve the Outlook Error 0x8000CCC78 on Your System

As a user of MS Outlook, you wouldn’t face a tough time in carrying out email communication seamlessly. But some errors keep arising in this application. One of the common ones is outlook send receive error 0x8000CCC78. It arises when your SMTP server authentication is not right.

You will view a message informing you that your email cannot be sent to the recipient. You may try to restart your system to get the error fixed, but it will give you no success. But don’t feel as if you cannot get past this error code. In this piece, you will find potential methods to resolve it.

Why Do You See Outlook Error 0x8000CCC78?

The leading trigger of this error code is a glitch with email-sending authentication. If your ISP blocks your port number and enables the 587 port number, you will face this error message. 

Additionally, if you haven’t enabled the option, ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication,’ you’re bound to get this error message.

Easy Fixes for Outlook Error 0x8000CCC78

The fixes for send receive error Outlook problem are surprisingly easy to implement. Here is how you can modify your settings to eliminate the error. 

1. Turn on the SMTP Option 

If you’ve disabled the SMTP option, you have a high chance of facing the error. Begin by opening Outlook as usual. If you have the application already opened, we suggest you close it first. Then open it and adhere to these steps. 

  • Once you are in Outlook, tap ‘Tools’ followed by ‘Account Settings.’
  • After that, choose the ‘Email’ tab present in Account Settings. 
  • You will see your email account appearing. 
  • Click the ‘More settings’ option present on the lower-right part. 
  • A small window with some tabs will launch. 
  • Here click ‘Outgoing.’
  • Ensure that you have the right outgoing settings. For it, you need to check the options below. 
  1. Place a tick on the box ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.’
  2. Tap the bubble that says, ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server.’
  3. Leave the settings by tapping ‘OK’ and return to your email. 
  4. Now, restart Outlook. 
  5. Since Outlook send receive error usually occurs during the message sending process, try sending a message. 
  6. Hopefully, you’ll not face the problem. 

2. Repair the PST File

A damaged PST file can also result in this error. You can use the Inbox Repair Tool, also called SCANPST.EXE, to repair the PST file. 

  • Exit Outlook. 
  • Find the location of the SCANPST.EXE application and double-tap it to open it.  
  • In the Inbox Repair Tool, tap ‘Browse.’
  • Now, choose the Outlook data file you wish to repair. 
  • Hit ‘Start’ to begin the repair process. 
  • If you receive a prompt, tap ‘Repair.’
  • Check that your system has adequate space for storing the data file’s backup. If there’s no space, don’t check the ‘Make backup of scanned file before repairing’ option. 
  • Wait for some time till the repair procedure comes to an end. 
  • After that, tap ‘OK’ to exit SCANPST.EXE. 
  • Launch Outlook and see if you are still facing the error. 

3. Reconfigure the Outgoing Port

You can also fix send receive error Outlook by resetting the outgoing port. First, go to ‘Account Settings’ and follow these points.

  • Tap ‘Next for view’ or ‘Change email account.’
  • Now, double-tap on the problematic email account.
  • Click ‘More settings.’
  • In the ‘Advanced’ tab, set the port number as 587 for the outgoing server.
  • Press ‘OK’ and then ‘Finish.’
  • This will fix this error. You can also open your Outlook and check for it.

4. Examine the Recipient’s Email Address

This error message also prompts you to verify the mail address in your account properties. You must review the email address of your recipient. It must be correct without any special characters. If you are even a little unsure about the correct address, look it up again and retype it. After doing that, try sending the message.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, the methods to troubleshoot Outlook error 0x800CCC78 will work out for you. There are only a handful of resolutions, but they are well worth your effort. If you want to get advanced troubleshooting assistance, contact email technical support experts.