10 Best Animes Similar to Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the most beloved anime classics. The characters, story, and fight scenes are excellent for their age. Maybe Togashi Yoshihiro’s multiple hiatuses make him a better writer than others? We won’t know.

If you are a Yu Yu Hakusho fan, you should check these other anime series.

Here are the 10 Best Anime Similar to Yu Yu Hakusho

1. One Piece

Every Shounen anime lover would recommend One Piece. This is because I am a huge Shounen anime fan.

One Piece is more than a Shounen movie. It is also the longest-running anime of all time! It even reached the 1000th episode milestone, and it is well-deserved. One Piece, like Yu Yu Hakusho and Yu Yu Hakusho, was also part of the “Big 3” generation. It’s easy to see why.

If you haven’t, get it!

2. Demon Slayer

Yu Yu Hakusho’s interesting use of demon characters is something that stands out. They are all not portrayed as villains or bad guys. Even Yusuke, the main character, is part demon. He’s not what you would consider evil.

Demon Slayer does, however, almost the exact same thing with Nezuko, Tanjiro’s adorable little demonized sister who will only attack other people when her brother is in danger.

Demon Slayer shares a similar thematic theme, but it also has an action-heavy story that is well matched by its spectacular fight scenes. You can watch Demon slayer on Animixplay easily.

3. Dragon Ball Z

We have Dragon Ball as our second-placed show in this ranking. This is a show that’s probably older than most anime lovers, but just as relevant today as it was back then.

Perhaps even more so today! It was not only a title from the 90s but it can still be used with modern titles (and there are still many modern Dragon Ball series). This is because Dragon Ball isn’t “just a show”.

It’s the main event. It’s one of many shows that will not soon be forgotten. DBZ is a title that’s so iconic and memorable, that if your generation was born in the 80s or 1990s, you have probably seen at least a portion of an episode.

4. Hunter x Hunter

It was not surprising that this series would reach the top. Yu Yu Hakusho was the one who spearheaded many Shounen tropes that we now see.

Hunter x Hunter, however?

This is Togashi’s most important opus. Yu Yu Hakusho’s successor is somehow better in all aspects – even though Yu Yu Hakusho is an excellent show in its own right.

HxH, in a nutshell, is a piece of literature so well-written that the anime adaptation could just finish where it left off, and still be considered an all-time high. It’s so good anime and you can watch it on Tubi Tv App for free. 

5. Bleach

Bleach is an anime from Shounen that mirrors many things from Yu Yu Hakusho. You don’t believe me? Let me tell you about the plot of the show.

Ichigo was once a normal high-school boy. However, he was forced to enter a secret world in the afterlife. There he meets a lot of evil spirits (hollows). He must defeat them to get back to the old way.

The MC discovers that he is not human and is part of something. This is a key plot point that isn’t explored in the show’s final episodes.

Hmm, can you think of someone?

6. One Punch Man

OPM is a series I love, and I know it’s a favorite of many. Rarely will you find an anime that combines comedy and action – but this is what happened. This is a great series that’s both hilarious and intense.

Did I mention that the second season featured a well-made, but short, tournament segment? To be fair, nearly every entry on this listing does…

One Punch Man’s action scenes were better than many titles on this list, even though it is a comedy series.

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7. Toriko

Toriko, a show featuring many demon characters but in a different way, is another example of a demon show. You might be wondering what kind of way?

The “demons”, as Toriko’s name implies, don’t necessarily seek out the souls of other people or follow superstitions. They need to eat a lot in order to survive. This is why Toriko, the main character, embarked on his merry adventures.

It might seem strange to watch anime that focuses on fighting and food. But, let’s face it — is it really?

8. Record of Ragnarok

This anime is for those who loved Yu Yu Hakusho’s Dark Tournament. Record of Ragnarok, a newly released title, tells an old classic tale of mortals fighting against gods.

It’s also in a tournament setting, where mortals are pitted against gods in one-on-one battles. This adaptation was a huge hit for me as a manga reader. It’s because I consider the manga to be a masterpiece.

This is the perfect title for Yu Yu Hakusho fans

9. Shaman King

Shaman King, an older title, features many of the classic Shounen attributes. It is a bit lighter than Yu Yu Hakusho. This anime captures the best of older anime and makes them feel fresher than modern animated titles.

Shaman King was one of the lucky ones to get a remake. It’s also a newly-released one! For younger anime fans, there is a way to see the greatness of older shows such as Shaman King in a modern style of animation.

10. Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura is the best place to go if you hear the words “fighting” or “tournaments”. The adaptation may not have lived up to the manga’s phenomenal expectations, but it is still worth a look. It’s worth a look.

Kengan Ashura is a well-made anime that teaches martial arts. It also features the same tournament-style plot as Yu Yu Hakusho. This animation is worth a try if you can bear an animated style 3D-ish that reminds you of Berserk (2016).

Personally, I prefer 2D animations. Keegan’s animation is so great that you should ignore it if possible.


In this article, we discussed the 10 best anime similar to Yu Yu Hakusho. All these anime are amazing and have superb storylines. These animes are in trending with much positive feedback from fans. You can watch it on any OTT platform they all are easily available.