Leopard Print Shirt By Evaless

Fashion is the latest style of hair, decoration, clothing, and behavior. Fashion makes a better lifestyle. Fashion comes into vogue and then goes out because change is the nature of man.  Fashion changes as soon as the weather changes. So every season has its own fashion. If we talk about fashion now a days Leopard Print Shirt is very advisable.


Leopard print is a spotted pattern.  It just intimates the markings of leopard skin. This

Print is used to replicate real leopard skin. Leopard Print shirts come in different colors, sizes, and prints.

Leopard Print History

In the early 19,s Leopard skin was hung in the offices of Great men to as a sign of hunting and Power.  In the 40’s and 50’s embraced the pattern. Then the pattern rolled all around and every single person tried this.

Eye-Catching Colors with Leopard Print

Leopard Print Shirts can be paired with every color of the rainbow as red, orange and yellow, etc. But it is more eye-catching with plain canvas. So don’t try so many colors and patterns.

Leopard Print Shirt with floral and stripes

I think there is no fashion rule which is left to be broken.  There is plenty of celebrities that tried floral and striped pattern with Leopard print.  So, you can wear Leopard print with plain , stripes and floral as well.

The specialty of Leopard Print Shirts:

Leopard Print Shirts comes in all colors(red ,orange etc). It comes in a  variety of sizes(large and XL as well). Wearing it makes you look better and graceful.

Perfect For all Seasons

Although Leopard Print Shirts mostly come in Bright colors so it’s a perfect match for Summer and Spring seasons but it you can wear it all year around.

What does Leopard Print represent

There is a difference between Leopard Print and Leopard skin which were highly n fashion in 1960’s.  Wearing Leopard Print in women represents independence, confidence, equality, and non-conformity. Men are less likely to wear Leopard Print Shirt unless they a rockstar or celebrity because they thin wearing Leopard Print half sleeves or shoe is s sign of nonconformity.

Is it still Trending?

Leopard print was the top trend of 2018 and 2019 and it never goes away. So, it’s trend never goes down and people still like to wear it.

Introduction to Evaless

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Why to choose Evaless?

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